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While at Walmart the other day, I quickly ran through their new-again fabric section.  Can we all collectively say “yay!” for Walmart bringing back the fabric department?!  Anyway, I was about to walk out (I was of course shopping with the boys again and they had already had enough), when I spotted this purple and red chiffon print peeking out of a pile of colorful fleece bolts.  I grabbed it to check it out really quick and loved it even more when I unrolled it a bit and saw the lovely native american-esque pattern.  I know.  I’m sort of becoming obsessed.  It kind of had the same feel as my maxi dress I just did (and LOVE) and when I saw that it was only $1.50 a yard I HAD to have some.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but I got 3 yards and went on my little way.

Well, last night I pulled it out and took a look at it again.  I love the big oversized drapey t-shirts and ponchos I’ve been seeing on Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie and such.  And my new chiffon draped so nicely.  So I drew up a little plan and decided to make a wispy, bohemian, poncho-shirt, or as I like to call it, my shoncho.  🙂

Heres what I did:

Cost: $1.50 (You only need about a yard of fabric for this shirt so check remnant bins to get some great chiffon for CHEAP).


  • About a yard of chiffon fabric (or other lightweight drapey fabric that you love).
  • Scizzors.
  • Pins.
  • Sewing machine.

1.  Refer to my little sketchy plan below.  It basically shows how to do it.

2.  Here are some extra tips.

TIP 1:  BE CAREFUL!  Chiffon is delicate and tears and frays very easily.  So be slow and steady when feeding it through the machine.

TIP 2:  I used the finished edge as the bottom of my shirt so I didn’t have to zigzag the bottom.  If your chiffon piece has a finished edge, utilize it to save you time.

TIP 3:  Don’t forget to zigzag stitch (or serge if you have a serger) the INSIDE seams as well as the outside raw edges so they don’t continue to fray.

And thats it.  This took me less than 30 minutes to throw together.  And I’m pretty happy with it.  🙂  What do you think?  You can make this.  And its great for FAT days.

P.S.  I also made the red necklace and the pink clip-in hair extension.  For more of my jewelry and accessories, see the Fashion Tutorials section on the sidebar. 🙂

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My poor dining room table has been attacked.  Beads, findings, feathers, fabric...you can’t even see the table top anymore.  Honestly, I wish I could leave it like this all the time.  I’m so much more productive when all my gear is just stroon (is stroon a word?) about, standing at ready for me to dive in and make something whenever I get a spare minute or two.  We barely ever use the dining room and its got the perfect amount of table room and great window light for me to work on all my little jewelry bits.  My hubby complains though.  I have a craft room for crafts he says.  Hes right I guess, although really there isn’t enough light or table space in my craft room to get stuff done.  Its like I need a room to store all of my craft stuff, and another to make it all.  Actually, if I’m being honest, the perfect house for me would consist of like 6 “work” rooms.  An office for blogging, a jewelry making room with a giant table and rows of beads and findings, an art room, an interior design studio, a photography studio, and a recording studio (that ones just a bonus, my hubby always wants me to record my songs and stuff for him and I never do).  Maybe someday… maybe someday I’ll pair down on my hobbies!  Yeah right! 🙂  Anyway, in the meantime, the dining table will do, as long as I get her cleaned up every once and a while to please Mr. HunnyBuns.

Anyway, unfortunately for my hubby and our table, I’ve been up to quite a lot this past week or so.  I’ve been having a blast making jewelry nonstop whenever the kids go down or while they’re playing by themselves.

Here are all the things I’ve made:

The necklace below was inspired by this design that I saw on Pinterest:

And heres mine, made out of an old t-shirt and wooden beads:

And heres a great tutorial on knotted fabric beading if you want to make your own.

I also saw this necklace on Anthropologie and was inspired to make my green and gray knot necklace below.

And here is my necklace using a similar technique.  I used prestrung seed beads from Walmart’s craft section so it made it super quick and easy to loop them together and attach the chain to the ends.  The little jewel is just a clip on earring I move around from necklace to necklace when I wanna glam it up.

I saw this on Urban Outfitters and was inspired to make my teal feather necklace below.

Heres mine.  I made mine a bit different but I LIKE MINE BETTER. 😉

I also saw this tutorial on Pinterest and made a jersey necklace like it from an old shirt and wooden beads.

Heres mine:

Thats all I have time to show you right now!  But come back soon!  I have TONS more! 🙂

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My littlest boy turned 1 on Friday and I just can’t believe that an entire year has already come and gone since I had him!  It is a mean joke that pregnancy feels like forever but baby-hood goes by in a snap!

I have been working my big post-pregnancy-number-two butt off trying to get back into shape since I had the little guy.  My goal was to be back to my old self by the time he turned a year old.  I’ve learned since making that goal that there is no such thing as getting “back to my old self” and that parts of my body have fallen under the category “casualties of people making”.  Something that I’m trying my best to accept and work with.  *Sigh*.  Anyway, I HAVE managed to get back into my pre-Sawyer size very comfortably and have lost all but a few pesky pounds of my baby weight.  So, in honor of Sawyer’s birthday, I decided to give myself a Happy Birthing Day present and take myself out for an afternoon of thrifting for new threads.  A neighbor friend of mine was kind enough to watch the boys and I literally skipped to the car to go on my thrifty little way.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been thrifting without kids.  I love it more than I’d love a day at the spa I think (but I can’t say for sure since I’ve never had a day at the spa…maybe for next years Happy Birthing Day gift…).

I made my way to a newer Goodwill about 15 minutes from my house to see what I could find.  I spent 3 hours of so rummaging through all the racks and aisles and tried on a billion different things.  It is the thrill of the HUNT that I love so much.  I love that thrifting is like a giant grab bag and you never know what amazing things you’ll find.  And man, I found some GREAT stuff on this trip!  Happy Birthing Day to me! 🙂

Here are a few of the things I found:

This AMAZING black and white pencil skirt by Ann Taylor.  This thing still had the tag on it (priced at $108)!  I got it for $7!!! YAY! I love the print and the pockets.  I also found this cute little black velvet corset top.  I thought it would be really cute under a jacket or over a plain white tshirt.  So fun.

I also found this fabulous vintage red pencil skirt.  It is kind of a linen-ish material and bright red.  I love it with this teal lightweight sweater I found (Gap).  The skirt was $7 and the shirt was $5.

Then I came across this vintage-ish featherweight floral dress.  So Anthropologie.  I LOVE it.  It was only $10.

Then I found these earrings in a basket at the checkout for $1 a pair.

I also found an adorable short and full navy and white plaid skirt with pockets ($7), a couple of great navy shirts to go with it ($5 each), another charcoal button-down highwaisted pinstriped skirt ($7), a long white beachy cotton skirt ($7), a pair of amazing Seven jeans ($8), and an adorable pair of wide leg trouser jeans ($8), not to mention a couple of toys for the boys.  It was a perfect thrifting afternoon of loveliness.


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anthro inspired necklace

Theres a myriad of websites and blogs that I check up on periodically for inspiration.  A while ago I saw this necklace

for around $35 from Anthropologie and thought to myself as I often do, “I can make that”.  Then last weekend I had a holiday craft party with some fabulous ladies and finally got around to making my version of the necklace.  The thing I love about this necklace is that it takes little jewelry making knowledge and is super quick to make.

Heres the breakdown:

Cost: This can really vary depending on what kinds of beads you’re using.  For this tutorial I used wooden beads that I got off of a gift bag handle.  Check the Dollar Store for beads in the craft section or for jewelry you can disassemble.  You can also keep your eye open for 50% off sales at your local craft store or check May’s Beads online (they’re shop is in Houston and I LOVE it) for incredible prices on gemstones and crystals.  For the chiffon (or other light weight fabric) check the remnant bins at fabric stores.  They are usually discounted up to 80% per yard.   Or chop up an old skirt or shirt you don’t wear anymore.  All-in-all I think my project cost me about $3 since all I had to buy were the clasps and jump rings to finish off the ends.


  • Chiffon or other light weight fabric.  You’ll need 2 3/4″x15″ strips.
  • Beads.  Round or oval beads work great.  The larger the beads, the less clusters you’ll have on your necklace.  These beads can all be the same, or can be three coordinating different beads per cluster.
  • Sharp scizzors.
  • 2 crimp ends.
  • 2 jump rings.
  • 1 toggle clasp.
  • 2 wire beading needles.
  • Flat nose pliers.

Lets make something pretty.

1. The first thing to do is cut your chiffon strips.  You need 2 strips about 3/4″ wide by 15″ long (or longer/shorter to your taste).

2. Thread your chiffon strips through your beading needles.

3.  Thread 2 beads onto your first strip and slide them toward the end leaving about 5-6″ of chiffon.

4.  Thread one bead onto the second chiffon strip and slide it toward the bottom to about the same place.

5. Knot the two strips together at both ends of the bead cluster.

6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until you have about 5-6″ of chiffon remaining at the threaded end of the necklace.  For me this gave me 5 clusters but it will depend on how large your beads are and how tightly you group them.

7.  To finish the necklace and add the clasps simple attach your crimp bead ends to the chiffon by twisting the ends of the fabric and holding them in the middle of the crimp bead with one hand while you squish the sides of the crimp bead with the pliers in the other.

8.  Attach your jump rings and your toggle clasp ends and twist your jump rings shut.  *Tip* TWIST the jump rings, don’t squeeze them shut or they won’t come together properly.

9. Trim any excess chiffon and scraggly chiffon hairs if you’d like.  *Tip* Use Fray Check  on the edges of your strips if you don’t want your chiffon to fray.  I personally like the frayed look.  And there you go!  BEAUTISSIMO!

These were so easy to make that I ended up getting out my stash of scrap fabric and beads and made tons more.  You’ll want to do the same since I’m certain that as soon as your friends and family see you with it on that they’ll want one too! Enjoy!

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