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So I’ve been trying to get myself organized lately (which is really an ongoing effort), and have decided I need to crack down on my mess-making-procrastinating-daydreaming-disorganized-chaotic ways.  With two little rambunctious boys, a (dare I say) up-and-coming blog, a moderately busy photography business, and side decorating jobs as well as the normal household duties, church responsibilities, volunteer opportunities, relationship maintenance, physical upkeep, etc. I’ve become in a large sense OVERWHELMED.  I am not naturally a very organized person.  I LIKE order and I like things to “look pretty”, but I’m a completely right-brained, slightly crazy, artsy fartsy person who is more inclined to CREATE “mess” (or as I like to call it “PROJECTS”) than to organize it.  I tend to make a lot of To-Do lists, but it seems by the time I’m done writing the list, I’m bored already and get sidetracked to something that tickles my fancy (like Pinterest, or the ukulele).  I’ve got all kinds of great plans and intentions of being organized and sticking to a routine.  Typically I go to bed thinking, “Okay.  Tomorrow is the day.  I’m going to stick to it.”  Then I wake up, hit the snooze (or in other words tell Peyton to go watch PBS kids until I’m ready to get up), get out of bed late, don’t feel like working out (and who can with two kids under your feet anyway), and before I even get my day started my plan is completely out the window.  The only way I can think to combat this utter lack of self discipline is to publicize it!  Naturally.

Anyway, so here I am, and here are my plans.  Feel free to help yourself to any of my schedules, printables, etc. if you feel inclined to come with me on this organization journey.  Wish me luck that I might act like a grown up for once and actually stay on task!  I have SO many goals and dreams and I know if I could just stick with the plan(s) I could become much more productive and maybe reach a few of them someday.  🙂

The first thing I’ve decided I need is a Dinner Menu.  I HATE thinking of what to make every night for dinner.  HATE IT.  Staring into a pantry full of random items and trying to come up with a decent meal is like building a rocketship out of legos.  At least for me.  I actually liked cooking until I had to do it every night and I think I could possibly like it again if I didn’t have to go through the “what can I make out of THIS” part.  I need a menu.  And a grocery list that coincides.  A great site I found could really help with this if you’re facing this same issue.  Its called Eat At Home and has years (yes YEARS) of printable menus along with their recipes and grocery lists.  My only problem is I have picky eaters in my household so some of the menus wouldn’t work for us.  I LOVE the idea though and think the site could really help.  Along the same lines I came up with my own menu system.  It involves themed dinner nights (Italian night, Pizza night, Mexican night, etc.).  I assigned a different “theme” to every day of the week.  Then I just made a list of 13 dinner options under each nights theme that I can choose from on any given week.  This way, I can look at my theme night, choose the dish, and shop accordingly.  It should allow me for about 3 months of meals without having to make anything twice (unless I want to).  Also, I can shop carefully to make sure that I’m using up ingredients.  For example, on Mexican night I can make a dish that has rice and make double the amount to store in the fridge until Asian night, using up the leftovers as well as cutting out a step on Asian night.  Does that make sense?  It does to me and I think it will really help that brain block I have at dinner time.  You’ll notice that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are sort of whimp-out meals.  Thats because by Thursday frankly I’m sick of cooking.  I figure if I just acknowledge and work around this fact, it will save us money (and my sanity) from running out to “pick up dinner” or from me having to feel the pressure to summon up the will to make another fabulous meal.  I printed out on cardstock all the pages below, punched a hole in the top left corner of each page, and put them all on a ring to hang in my kitchen for easy access.

Weekly Menu

Menu Options

The next thing I’ve done is created a Daily Routine.  I am TERRIBLE at following routines.  I am very spontaneous and admittedly flaky.  These are traits that cost me precious hours of useable time every single day.  I realize that I need to get on a routine, not just for me, but for my kiddos as well.  I think that they would greatly benefit from the security that routines and schedules give.  I created a pretty full daily schedule but I feel like it is pretty realistic and something that is flexible enough to be manageable.  I am quite aware that I will never be one of those schedule driven moms that sticks to the plan with the veracity of a drill sergeant.  And I have no intention of becoming one.  I realize that I will probably NEVER have a day that goes exactly as planned.  But, I need to try my best to create some structure so my household will run smoother and nothing, and no one, gets neglected.  Sadly I’ve realized that I DO need to schedule in playtime with my kids.  If not, I tend to (in my perpetually overwhelmed state) use the phrase “in a minute” or “when I’m done with _____” until the kids are tucked into bed at night.  I’ve realized that there will ALWAYS be something else I can be, should be, could be, want to be doing.  I need to put parameters around how much time I allot to the different aspects of my life and when that time is up, its up, and I need to move on to the next thing on the schedule.  You can see my Daily Routine below.

Mom’s Daily Schedule

I also decided to make me a Weekly Chore Chart.  My mom is a professional homemaker.  Seriously.  She could teach lessons.  She has told me over and over again that the key to keeping a clean house (ours growing up was always immaculate, with the exception of my room of course) is to do a few chores everyday.  She has days of the week that she always does certain tasks and so nothing ever gets out of control.  So far my cleaning philosophy has been “If you can’t stand the mess, turn off the lights!”.  I hate cleaning for the most part but I think thats because whenever I get myself to finally DO IT, it is when I absolutely have to.  And by then, the mess seems so huge that I don’t even know where to begin.  I will do the basics to survive:  dishes once a day (most of the time), laundry once a week (most of the time), vacuuming when someones coming over…you get the idea.  My house is not atrocious, but it definitely wouldn’t pass mom’s cleaning inspection without due notice.  To remedy this I have created my Weekly Chore Chart that includes tasks like vacuuming twice a week as well as keeping up with my family blog and couponing on Sundays.  You are welcome to save mine to your computer and print it off as you’d like if it suits you.

Thats what I’ve done so far.  I think they are definitely steps in the right direction!  Soon I will be posting my exercise schedule as well as other tips I’m doing to get myself organized and regain my sanity!  What tips do you have for keeping yourself on track?  I’d love to hear them!

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Hey guys!  I told you I’d give you all the printables I made up for my party and so here they are!  I made them all on Picnik so if you are feeling crafty, get on there and make up some of your own!  Enjoy!! 🙂  (Just right click and save to your computer and then print.)

First here is the banner I made.  If you’d like to make your own, you can use my bunting template found here and upload it to Picnik and add any letters in any font that you’d like.

Next I made a sign for the Creepy Photobooth I’ll be doing to get great pics of everyone in their costumes.

There were a lot of free printable tags out there but none that suited my needs so I made these little babies up.

(I left the bottom right label empty so you could fill it yourself in picnik if you wanted to.  Also, I just realized I spelled “labels” wrong.  Duh.)

Then I made this sign to put on the refreshment tables.

I also made this little sign to put on the voting box for our games and contests.

And there you go!  There are all of my FREE HALLOWEEN PRINTABLES for you to use at your Halloween bash!  I hope you enjoy!  Happy Halloween! 🙂

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I don’t typically decorate my house much for holidays.  Not because I don’t want to, more because I can’t afford it usually.  And also, I figure if I decorate my house for every holiday that rolls around, I will never be able to appreciate it in all its un-decorated decorated glory.  But, after talking to my best friend Tiff the other day, I was reminded how much I used to LOVE Halloween and how much fun we used to have with it.  That inspired me to get back in the “fun” groove (as opposed to the “burned-out-irritable-just-trying-to-keep-myself-out-of-mom-jeans” groove that I usually feel like I’m in).  So I decided to throw me an adults only Halloween party!  I’m actually dorkishly excited about it.  I even made up a little poem for the evitations.  Ahem:

“Eeeekkkk!!!  Boooooo!!! 
We want YOU 
to join us for a fun night
of food and fright.
No children allowed
In our big kid crowd.
But come well dressed
in your Halloween best.
And you could win a prize
(or meet your demise).
So come if you dare
We don’t mean to scare.
We really truly hope

I know.  You’re stunned by my genius aren’t you.  I give you permission to use this if you decided to throw your own “Big Kids Boo Bash”.  Yes, that is what I’m calling it.  And yes.  I’m aware that I’m a gigantic nerd.

After I sent out the invites, I started browsing Pinterest (my latest online site obsession) for decor and food ideas.  I can’t believe all the cute and amazing things people are coming up with!  I’m blown away.  Anyway, that just made me more excited and so I made my way to my nearest Dollar Store to see what I could come up with.

Can I just say again how much I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE.  It is a magical place.  Especially for Halloween items.  I found tons of decor and serving wear for my party and it was cheap cheap cheap.  I got home and got to work.  Even though my party is a couple weeks away still, I couldn’t wait to get the decorations up.  I’m totally in Halloween mode now.  I even found costumes for my hubby and I (he is going to be a scarecrow and I’m going to be a crow) at the thrift store this weekend with my sis-in-law Courtney.  I seriously want to just live in costumes for the rest of the month, thats how excited I am.

Anyway, would you like to see my decorations so far?  I used a lot of what I already had with a few things I made and several things from the Dollar Store.

Here is my mantel:

I made the bats by folding sheets of stiff black felt ($0.99 at Hobby Lobby) in half and then cutting out a bat shape (half a bat shape).  Then I folded the wings out and attached them to the wall with sticky tack.  Easy peasy and I LOVE it.  I made larger and smaller bats.  I didn’t use a template, but if you wanted to find one, just google image search “bat silhouette” and you’d find plenty.

I sketched the giant skull profile onto a black painted piece of mdf I had in the garage.  Its in white chalk so I can change it whenever I feel like.  I eyeballed it from an image I found google image searching “skull”.  Peyton calls it a “bone-head”.  Haha!

The Happy Halloween bunting banner I made from my bunting template and Picnik.  I LOVE the skeleton font.  So great.  I printed them on white cardstock and then cut them out and glued them to black cardstock bunting I cut out with pinking shears.  Then I attached them to white paper ribbon I bought at the Dollar Store.

The tombstones, spiderwebs, skulls, and creepy cloth all came from the Dollar Store.

I also made these big spiders out of crepe paper streamers and pipe cleaners.  I want to make a bunch more and have them crawling up my curtains in my living room.

Heres a quick look at my entryway.

Then Spiderman (aka Peyton) popped in to say “hi”.

And heres a closeup of my felt bats.

Pretty creepy huh?!  I’m super excited and can’t wait for the party.  Check out my next post for all of my FREE HALLOWEEN PRINTABLES I made for the party!!! 🙂  BOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!

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I came across these today and thought that they were all so awesome I’d better share!  Happy printing!

1. Valentines Day Subway Art: To print and choose from more color options and styles click here.

2. Jason Mraz’s song “I’m Yours” LOVE Art:  Download and print here.

3. Funky Elegant Valentine’s Cards: Download and print here.

4. Love More Art:  Download and print here.

5. Find Love and Hold Tight Art: Download and print here.

6. Love Birds Art: Download and print this and others here.

7. LOVE Banner: Download and print this and another here.

I loved these and thought you might too!  I am so inspired I just might have to make some printables of my own up for you guys!

Also, you can create your own printables on Picnik using their fun fonts and stickers.  Click here to see a picnik subay art tutorial.

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