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I painted my kitchen chairs green last weekend and I’m LOVING the way they pop now against my new white tulip table!  I completely forgot to take close up before pics of the chairs and didn’t even think of doing a “how to” on them but I will give you the rundown on how I painted, distressed, stained them right now for those of you who might be wondering.  This is my own made up way to distress and paint wooden furniture.  There are tons of great sites out there with lots of professionals that really know what they’re doing but I’m impatient and cheap so I do things the short and sweet way.   These chairs were previously painted cream and distressed and stained.  To get them green I simply bought a spray primer (in grey to save on top coats), and green spray paint.  The paint I used is from Rust-Oleum and is called “Fern”.  It came in a “Gloss Protective Enamel” which worked great and will be extra durable to little hands and wipe downs.  I also bought a stain that has a built in polyeurothane coating.  I used Minwax PolyShades in Antique Walnut.  Staining over a painted piece of wood furniture gives an antique feel and gives the piece real character.  I wanted my old farmhouse style chairs to look old and worn because I thought the flat gloss paint color would look odd on that style of chair.  Anyway, heres what I did:

1.  I sanded the chairs slightly with a medium grit sandpaper.  Just to give them some tooth for the primer to hold on to.

2.  Then I sprayed a coat of the grey primer all over the chairs.  I wasn’t super concerned if they weren’t completely covered in opaque primer.

3.  Once the primer was dry, I sprayed the chairs with the green enamel spray paint.  If I weren’t doing these for myself I would’ve done several light coats until the chairs were covered.  But I am impatient and didn’t care about PERFECTION so I just slapped it on thick in one coat, being careful not to create drips.

4.  I let the freshly painted chairs dry overnight.

5.  The next day I took my sandpaper and lightly sanded some of the edges and divets and other areas to give it that distressed, worn look.  Some of the areas got sanded down to the original wood, others got sanded down to the cream paint color that was on them before.  My chairs were already “beat up” from when I had distressed and painted them the first time.  If you want a real distressed look, feel free to take an awl, hammers, rocks, chisels, etc. to your piece to distressed it and make it look worn and old.  Then, when you sand, pay special attention to all those little areas and make them come out by sanding them back a bit.

6.  After they were all sanded and distressed, I wiped them down really well with a damp cloth.  Then I got my stain out and started applying it one area at a time with a paper towel.  This is where you gotta move kinda quick.  I just dip my towel into the stain and start rubbing it on in the direction of the woodgrain (or where the woodgrain would go if you hadn’t painted it).  Rub it on and keep rubbing over it until you have applied the right amount.  It will start to dry and get tacky if you rub too much though so you might want to practice the look you’re going for on a scrap piece of wood first until you feel like you have it down.  I covered the entire chair this way with the stain, making sure I worked in sections and got in all the sanded back areas (the stain is what seals those parts that you’ve sanded back so they don’t continue to chip).  

7.  Let the stain dry at least overnight before using the furniture.  I waited a couple of days before I brought our chairs back in to use.

Anyway, thats how I did them. So sorry there are no pics!  But heres what they look like now in my kitchen:

You can see in the pic above how the stain creates variations in the paint color.  I love that.

And there they are!  I love them and am even more thrilled about the green since I found some awesome green dishes at the DOLLAR STORE last week!  I’ll have to take pics of those too because they’re seriously awesome and you’ll never believe they came from the Dollar Store.

P.S.  I sold my old table and 2 of the 4 chairs that came with my tulip table and actually ended up making a $10 profit out of the whole deal!  Which made my hubby very very happy! 🙂

Anyway, check back soon because I also made a fabulous new light fixture for my kitchen that you’re going to want to see the easy breezy tutorial for!  Heres a sneak peek!

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I walked through my entry way hall the other day and suddenly had the urge to draw on the walls.  The hall looked fine as it was, but for some reason I felt like it needed a little more “dazzle”.  I’ve been loving some of the wallpaper that I’ve been seeing on design blogs and in design mags but never have wanted to “commit” to a wallpaper enough to justify some of the hefty price-tags that are tacked on to my favorites.  Here are a few of the wallpapers I’ve seen lately that I love:

I LOVED this Binweed Floral Wallpaper I found on femaleways.com.

And this Berry Black wallpaper also on femaleways.com.

This Sketchy Frames wallpaper is so fun too.

Wallpaper has re-emerged into interior design as a new beautiful wall decor option.  I used to hate the stuff, images of granny florals and peach and forest green came to mind, but now I acknowledge that a good wall-covering can really MAKE a space come alive.  As much as I have come to love the look of a wallpapered wall, I still can’t bring myself to make the commitment to spend the $$$ to do it.  So I came up with my own solution for an easy and inexpensive alternative:  Drawing on my walls with a paint pen.  And I must say, I am pretty pleased with the results so far.  Want to do it too?  OKAY!  Heres how!

Cost:  Depending on the size of your wall(s) you may need to buy 2 or more paint pens for about $3 each from your local craft store.  For the 2 walls in my hall that I’m doing, I’m thinking I’ll be using up 3 pens for a cost of about $9 for the finished look.


  • A paint pen(s) in a color of your choice.  I used white because thats what I had on hand but get creative and use whatever you think would look nice on top of your existing wall color.  *TIP* For a more muted fancy look use a color just a shade or two lighter (or) darker than your wall color.  Also, I think this would look amazing done in a metallic silver or gold paint pen.
  • A notepad or something to “blot” your pen on.
  • A stencil or traceable picture if you are not comfortable just winging it.
The tutorial is more about how to draw the flowers I am doing on my wall.  You could use this same “paint-pen wallpaper” technique using a stencil or just tracing any image you’d like to use from a printed page onto your wall.  The possibilities are vast so let your imagination go and have fun with it!
1.  To make the sketchy poppy-ish flowers for my “wallpaper” I simply started by drawing one large petal-like blob on the wall.
2. Then I just loosely traced over that again to make it more sketchy looking.  I also added little lines in one of the indented parts of the petal for my center.
3.  Next I loosely sketched in circles and dots to finish off the center of my flower.  There is really no screwing up here.  With this look each flower you draw will be different (which is what makes it kinda awesome and artistic) and none of them are “perfect”.
4.  For some flowers, this is enough.  But just for the sake of showing you how to draw more I added a squiggly line down the center to create two separate petals.
5.  Then I decided I wanted the petal on the left to fold down so I added this line…
6.  Then I added some more curving lines to the petal on the right to give it some more dimension.    I also finished this flower up by adding the base and stem.  If you’re intimated by the “artisticness” involved in this, don’t be.  Really its easy and you can’t mess up.  If you’re nervous about just jumping in and drawing right on your walls with the paint pen, just practice first on a piece of paper until you feel like you got the look you’re going for down.
7.  And thats basically how I’ve been doing it.  Every flower on my wall is a variation of this design.
*TIPS and POINTERS*  Decide how far apart you want your main vertical “stems” to be and mark those with a pencil on your wall first to keep the pattern consistent.  Draw your flowers first before the stems so you can decide whether some flowers are behind the stems and some are in front to add dimension.   Keep the size and spacing of each flower somewhat consistent so the overall look ends up cohesive and flowing.  Vary the use of full blooms, half open blooms, and buds.  The paint pends work best on walls that aren’t extremely textured and have a coat of base paint in a satin or semi-gloss finish.
Anyway, here are a few more of the flowers on my wall to give you examples and ideas:
And here are some more inspiration pictures of things you can draw with paint pens:
This would be SUPER easy and cute to draw in paint pen on your wall!
Another hand drawn tree wallpaper you could duplicate using a paint pen.
This would be a pretty easy look to achieve by tracing a stencil with a paint pen.
This would be fun if you painted the blue first and then drew the design over the top with a black paint pen.
Anyway, get creative and have fun with it!  It takes a bit of time, I’ve just been adding a couple of flowers every time I walk through the hall, but it is cheaper and a lot more unique and personal than actual wallpaper.  🙂  Enjoy and come back soon…I’m making a light for my kitchen and its going to be FABULOUS!

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Yay!  I’m excited right now because my hubby just picked up my new tulip table for our kitchen!  I found this baby on Craigslist on Thursday and called right away crossing my fingers that it hadn’t already been sold.  Lucky for me there had been another call on it but that person couldn’t come out to see it until Saturday (sorry person).  I literally jumped up and down when I got off the phone!  I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a tulip table for quite a while now, hoping to score something under $200 which I know is a stretch for such an iconic table.  I have seen a few come and go (very quickly) on Craigslist but they’ve never been in my price range.  I also have been eyeballing the Ikea version (their Docksta table) shown here…

…for $179 but I wasn’t thrilled about the fact that it is made out of fiberglass and only 41″ in diameter.  If I were in a smaller apartment with just my hubby I’d probably do it.  But with kiddos and a decent sized kitchen, I really wanted something more substantial in size and durability.

I’ve been drooling (and dreaming) over the Saarinen Tulip Table (the real Mc’Coy) that you see parading all over design mags.  This one here is a marble top (I wish) in size 48″ for about $1100.  A tiny bit pricey for me I’d say…but hey…a girl can dream right?

The tulip table is a classic chic shape that looks just DIVINE paired with just about any kind of chair.  Here are a few of my favorite examples:

This is sort of a traditional eclectic room with a mid century modern twist.  Here the table is paired with the original tulip chairs.

Here is one of my favs.  This is a Jonathan Adler room (done for Liz Lange’s home).  Love the green!

In the pic below the table has been paired up with some old-school bentwood cafe chairs.  Reminds me of an ice cream parlor.  So cute.

I’m in love with this pairing of the tulip table with some robin’s egg blue Louis XV upholstered dining chairs.

This pic from most resembles the combo I’m going for.  I love the punchy distressed wooden chairs with the sleek white table.

I could keep on posting all the awesome combos but I’ll just give you this last one.  I love these graphic upholstered chairs!

So you see, the tulip table is quite the chameleon and a fabulous compliment to any style.  And I OWN ONE.  Albeit not the glamorous Saarinen original, but I’m pretty happy with my pretty little vintage baby.  Want to meet her?  Here she is!

Yes, she is a little thicker on the top, and not quite a seamless as her celebrity friend, but I love her anyway.  My tulip table has a metal base and a white laminate top.  I’m thinking that one day (once my kids have grown a bit and all their damage has been done) I will replace the top with something bigger and thinner.  This table is about 43″ across and comfortably fits our four farmhouse pressed back chairs.  The table actually did come with chairs but I like ours better to make it less “matchy matchy” although I do want to repaint our chairs in some shade of lime green I decided to really make them pop.  The table and four chairs all cost me $150!  Heres a look at the chairs that came with it:

Pretty fun eh?!  They were owned by the same couple since the 70’s so they do sort of smell like old people and moth balls but I think they’ll air out after a few days.  They are white vinyl and I do think I will be keeping two of them because I love the lines and could use them around the house.  The other two I will be reselling and think I probably can make back around $100 for the pair.  Which means that in the end my table will have cost me only $50!  Then, I need to sell my old table…so really when alls said and done I might be making a profit out of the whole ordeal.  🙂  My hubby would be thrilled about that (especially since he didn’t super love the idea of buying a new table when we already had one “that works fine”).  My poor hubby.  He loves me too much and always gives in!

Anyway, so thats my new kitchen table.  I love her and think that she is a great addition to our home!  When I get the chairs painted and new lighting (I’m thinking of making something new) I’ll post more pics.  But for now, here she is again!  Hope you all had a great weekend and come back soon!  I’m going to be busting out some more tutorials this week!

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So its no secret that I’m having an affair with a guy named Craig and his amazing LIST.  I honestly can’t get through a day without checking out the Houston Craigslist at least twice.  I’ve checked out Craigslist when I lived in other parts of the country but I have to say that I have not seen a list quite as beautiful as the Houston Craigslist.  It is one of the perks of living in such a large city I suppose.  Usually I have some idea of what I’m looking for when I get on and hunt, but I quickly get swept away in the parade of posts and start day dreaming of all the great deals I wish I could snag.  So I thought today I’d give you a peak at my Craigslist wishlist.  But first, here are all the things that I’ve bought on craigslist:

My dining room set (table with leaf, 6 chairs, lighted china cabinet) $400, my cream Ethan Allen living room chairs $50 each, my awesome old church pew $30, my other living room chair and ottoman $50, my bedroom dresser $80, my entry table FREE, my capiz shell dining room chandelier $25, my baby room furniture $150, my daybed guest room bed and trundle $50, and various other misc. accessories.  Craigslist is AWESOME.  Especially if you’re a visionary.

If you happen to live in the Houston area these are posts that have been posted on Craigslist within the past couple of days so you might be lucky enough to snag up my dream deals!

First, these are some of the coolest wing chairs I’ve ever seen.  I’d LOVE to get two to put at the ends of my dining room table.

wing chair color bronw leather – $145 (sugar land)

Date: 2011-03-27, 3:10PM CDT
Reply to: sale-7gaxd-2289788393@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


4 wing chair color bronw leather set 145 sillas para oficinas o cosultorio de piel buenas condicione color cafe

  • Location: sugar land
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2289788393-0 image 2289788393-1
image 2289788393-2 image 2289788393-3

Like this pic from Decor Pad except with a rustic wooden table top:

Or get all 4 and do this kind of thing from the April Issue of ElleDecor:

What if you switched the color scheme around here and did a sleek white dining table with the more rustic brown leather wing chairs?  Yummy.

OR a couple in a more traditional setting like this pic from House and Home’s January 2010 issue:

I love how the Craigslist wing backs are a little unexpected and not quite TRADITIONALLY wing backed.  Anyway, so that is my first LOVE of the day.  If my hubby would let me I would totally go buy all 4 and find places for them.

The next thing I found were these vintage suitcases.  I can’t even tell you how many uses I’d find for these.  They make awesome extra storage, add a decorative fun element to a room, and be FANTASTIC photography props.

Large Vintage Luggage – $50 (Katy)

Date: 2011-03-29, 7:53AM CDT
Reply to: sale-maksj-2292908330@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


I’m cleaning out the house to make room for the baby, so my loss is your gain!
There are 2 large vintage luggage pieces, that were bought from an antique dealer. The original price was $95 a piece, but I am willing to let them go for $50 for both!. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

  • Location: Katy
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2292908330-0

You could stack them and use as a side table or nightstand like this pic from UpWorld.com:

Or get really creative and make them into cabinets like this from RetropolitanHip:

Or use them as awesome photo props:

Like the pics above from Marry You Me.

OK.  Are you drooling yet?  I’m not done.  Here is another cute vintagey thing I want from Craigslist.  Soley because it would be so fun to have!


Date: 2011-03-28, 6:26PM CDT
Reply to: sale-rv5ms-2292239079@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


This is a replica of the old fashioned antique pay phones. It is in like-new condition and actually works!! It appears to be a dial/rotary phone, but is actually a push button phone with the buttons in a circle pattern beneath the numbers (see photo). You can insert coins , which store in the bottom like a bank. The phone does NOT require coins for use.

There is no damage to the phone – it is like new and is fully functional. It makes a great addition to a game room or kitchen and is quite the conversation piece!

  • Location: Katy
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2292239079-0

And what about this awesome camel back sofa?  I would reupholster the thing in something awesome and put it at the end of my bed.

Bassett Camel-back Sofa – $150 (Clear Lake)

Date: 2011-03-29, 10:11AM CDT
Reply to: sale-ununq-2293141854@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Bassett Camel-back sofa
Used but in very good condition
Length: 79 1/2 inches
Width: 31 1/2 inches
Height: 35 3/4 inches


  • Location: Clear Lake
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2293141854-0 image 2293141854-1

Like this kinda but more awesome:

I like this one a bit better:

This ones fun too:


This is another camel back sofa that is FREE right now that I would totally jump on if I had a place for it.  I of course would reupholster it and possibly paint the wood white.


Date: 2011-03-29, 8:14PM CDT
Reply to: sale-7pesm-2294324198@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Needs a good cleaning, reupholster or slip cover. The cushions are just white insterts, so you can get covers for those too.

Need your own help and way to get this thing.

Yes pets, non-smoking home.

  • Location: HOUSTON
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2294324198-0


So it would look more like this (check out the graphic black and white striped sofa on the right):

Or this:

Or this:

Heres another AMAZING sofa that I just ADORE and have a spicy vision for.  It would be pretty labor intensive to reupholster this one but SO worth it…

couch dark blue tufting/classic – $175 (the woodlands)

Date: 2011-03-29, 8:00AM CDT
Reply to: sale-hrcqc-2292912946@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


extra long, great condition, non smoking, child free, pet free environment

  • Location: the woodlands
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2292912946-0 image 2292912946-1

…If you could make it look more like this:

or this:

or this:

or this crisp and clean dream:


Then I ran across this awesome headboard and dresser.  How FUN is this!  I would paint it and lacquer it up to really make it shine!

Dresser/Headboard – $150 (Santa Fe)

Date: 2011-03-29, 2:57PM CDT
Reply to: sale-ethqc-2293835048@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Heavy/Solid – Queen Size

Call 409-925-6000 – I will not respond to emails – due to spam.

  • Location: Santa Fe
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2293835048-0 image 2293835048-1


So it would look a bit more like this:

or this:

or this:

I just LOVE it.  I want it.  I wish I could get it and paint it and build a room around it.

The last thing I want to show you is this brass and glass coffee table.  It is really classic and could really work well in new traditional or even modern eclectic spaces.

Elegant Brass Coffee Table with Glass Top – $70 (Spring, Texas)

Date: 2011-03-29, 6:34PM CDT
Reply to: sale-8eaq9-2294148697@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


For sale is a brass coffee table with glass top. The glass has a beveled edge and is approximately 3/4″ thick. Very heavy. Surface is 42″ square. The glass and table have no chips, cracks, scrapes or dents, however the brass does need a thorough cleaning and polishing. $70 OBO. Please call 281-376-8218 or email me if interested.

  • Location: Spring, Texas
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2294148697-0 image 2294148697-1
image 2294148697-2 image 2294148697-3

Kinda like this:

or this:

or this:

Anyway, have I got you daydreaming now too?  Check out your local Craigslist!  With a little vision and some elbow grease you can really get some great pieces for your space.  Have fun shopping! 🙂





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To see MY NEW redecorated master bedroom click here.

I don’t have much time today but I thought I’d do a quick update on how my black and white master bedroom is coming along now that I have both of the plastic placemat chandeliers up (tutorial here).  Just to give you an idea of what it looked like before…

I had a couple of velvet drapes hung on curtain rods like a canopy over the bed.  The silhouettes are me and my hubby and are a little too cutesy for our bedroom.  These are the lamps that I had which are ok in their own right but not cuttin’ it for me.

The chairs looked like they were “floating”.  I decided a rug was called for.  Also, I didn’t have any blinds and the white curtains were too sheer to block out the morning sun when my hubby wanted to sleep in.

Anyway, those pics were taken when we just moved in and had very little $$$ to put towards our room.  I improvised with what I had as best as I could and it is an o.k. room but I quickly got sick of the canopy thing and the lack of better window dressings.  To spruce it up I actually didn’t spend much more at all but I think it looks much better now.

Heres where I’m at with it at present:

Yay!  I kinda LOVE the way my DIY chandeliers turned out and they work great hanging from chain off of some iron plant hangers I bought at Lowes.  The upholstered slipcovered headboard I made from the old velvet drapes from the canopy in the above pics.

The chandeliers really add a touch of luxury to the space as well as soften up my focal wall.

I still need to upholster a seat for my end of the bed bench (which is just two $15 end tables from Target and a throw blanket).  I added a fluffy white rug to the seating area as well as black button-up roman shades to the windows for added dimension and privacy.

Above is a better look at the DIY chandelier.  Its easier to see the detail with the lights off.  Please ignore the white dots on the walls.  I filled old holes and I still need to touch them up.

This is a look at the “gallery wall“.  There are a bunch of family photos, art, messages, and even some shelves with some of my collected marionettes all collaborating on this wall.

Here are some of my favorite things on my wall:

My horse puppet from Austria.  The “shelf” is a crate from the craft store painted black and nailed up.

I recently found this porcelain cow bust at a thrift store for $3.  I kind of LOVE it.

Ok.  This is super EASY art.  I just took a little canvas I had lying around and carefully dripped craft paint out of the bottle to spell “love”.  And I do.  Love it.

Here is another new find.  A concentric circle mirror that I bought at Ross for just $19!  All I had to do was spray paint it antique silver (it was brown) and voila.  Love it along side my old bedside lamp.  *Tip*  Look for BALANCE when lighting your spaces.  Bounce lighting around the room at varying heights.

And heres a quick look at what is under it…I’m not done with this dresser…it needs some more OOMPH.  Not sure what to do yet though.

And thats it so far!  Its nearly “done” if there is such a thing as a completely “done” room.  Hope you like it!  I’ll have more tutorials up soon!  Just working on painting my dining room right now…

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Today is kind of a bummer day for me.  My mom and dad were supposed to be coming to visit.  My dad had to cancel a couple of days ago but my mom was still planning on coming.  I’ve been really looking forward to it for the past couple of months since I rarely get to see my family (they live in Idaho, I live in Texas) and since the last time they saw Sawyer he was just a newborn.  But, alas, it was not meant to be (*sigh*).  My poor mom missed her flight this morning and it would cost an exorbitant amount of cashola to get her on another one.  So she had to cancel and my week has sadly become free again.  To pick myself up after a teary and disappointed call to my hubby to tell him the news, I decided to make something.  I’ve been meaning to make this mirror for a while and finally today I just DID IT.  Even though the house is a disaster and I’m sure there are about a million other things that I should’ve done instead.  About a month ago the kiddos and I took a day trip with my hubby’s cousin’s wife and kids to go see Papa and Granmama (my hubby’s grandparents) who live in a fifth-wheel down on the ocean.  We see them quite a bit but its always them coming to see us (its about a 2 and a half hour or so drive) so I’m really glad Brooke (my hubby’s cousin’s wife) had the great idea to go visit them for a change.  It was a great day, we ate yummy food prepared by Granmama and played on the sand with the kids.  It was still pretty breezy and Peyton was the only one brave enough to go in the water but still it was a good day.  I spent some time walking up and down the beach picking up shells and driftwood knowing that I would eventually want to use them in a project(s).  Papa teased me because all he saw was a “pile of dirty sticks”. 🙂  When you are picturing this man, imagine him talking in a thick, nearly unintelligible, southern accent…look Boomhower on that show “King of the Hill”.   Anyway, I’m glad I brought some things home.  I love that we are so close to the ocean here and I’ve been wanting to put something somewhat beachy in our home.  This did the trick I think.

Driftwood is such a beautiful way to bring nature into your home.  Its quickly growing in popularity and can be seen in all different kinds of design from rustic to modern.  You can buy all kinds of decor made from driftwood paying anywhere from the hundreds of dollars to the thousands of dollars.  Here are a few driftwood pieces I found that I loved:

Pottery Barn’s driftwood lamp for $299.

A driftwood mirror also from Pottery Barn for $199.

A driftwood end table from Crate and Barrel for $399.  I love this and will have to keep my eye open for some LARGE driftwood pieces to bring home.

Anyway, driftwood is just gorgeous and interesting in nearly every form.  And, if you’re lucky enough to live near an ocean (or smart enough to haul some home from vacation) you can easily DIY some really cool driftwood decor and save yourself a few hundred bucks.

So heres the breakdown for you:

Cost: $3


  • Plenty of driftwood sticks in different lengths shapes colors and sizes.
  • A round mirror.  I bought mine at the craft store in a pack of 3 for about $5 or so.
  • A round wooden sheet.  I bought mine at the craft store for about $1.
  • Wood stain (optional).
  • Hot glue gun and glue.
  • Super glue.  I used Quick Grip glue.

This is super easy and pretty quick to make.  There are so many ways to decorate with driftwood and since I’ve been a little obsessed with starburst and sunburst mirrors lately I thought I’d try this idea out.

1.  Stain or paint your round wood sheet a darker brown.  I did this just in case parts of it showed through the driftwood.  It was originally a really light wood color and staining it darker helped it to blend in.  I had the stain on hand but you can also just give it a light coat of brown craft paint if you’d like.

2.  Once your wooden sheet is dry, glue your round mirror in the center of the sheet.  I used Quick Grip super glue to make sure it will hold up.

3.  Now, find your longest pieces of driftwood.  I used 5 pieces as my “points” to my starburst mirror.  If your sticks are not generally the same lengths, cut or break them down so they are closer to being the same lengths.  Arrange the 5 longest sticks around your mirror in a star formation.  If you want to be really precise I suppose you could measure the distance between each one to make sure they are perfectly symmetrical.  But you know me by now, I typically am not that patient so I just eyeballed it.  When you get them to where you think they look best, glue them down to your board and mirror a bit with hot glue.

4.  Next find your shortest pieces and lay them out in between each long “spire”.  Glue those down.

5.  The rest is basically just filling around the mirror by gluing down the remaining driftwood.  Try to taper the pattern from the longest sticks to the shortest and back up to the longest at each “spire”.  Did that really make sense?  You can catch my drift (haha…I’m lame) from the pictures.

And thats it!  Ain’t she a beaut!  I plan on decorating my dining room this weekend and think that it will look great in there with my awesome $25 capiz chandelier from craigslist!  I’ll get pics up when I get it all done!  Have a great weekend!

P.S.  Wash your driftwood off thoroughly and let it dry again completely before you glue them down so that the glue will stick and you won’t get sand everywhere.  This is probably obvious but I actually was all ready to start gluing my sticks on when I realized that I hadn’t washed them off and sand was all over my craft room.  DUH.

*TIP*  For a more “beach cottage” feel you could “whitewash” your driftwood with a watered down coat of white craft paint.


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So sorry about the long break from the blogging world!  My computer crashed a few weeks ago (*whimper*) and we just recently got a hold of a loaner from my father-in-law to tide us over until we can either fix the old one or afford a new one.  This computer works fine although it is S-L-O-W which is incredibly annoying and demotivates me somewhat to do much blogging.  On top of our computer issues, I have been decorating our friends house, doing March of Dimes fundraising (please donate by clicking on the button on the sidebar!), and taking pictures for people.  Plus, my hubby recently went out of town on business and brought himself home with some kind of bug which he so kindly has passed on to me and the kids (*sniffle*).

I have TONS of projects coming, I promise, so hang in here with me while I get all me stuff together.  As for now, heres a peak at what I’ve been working on:

Ricky’s Bachelor House Idea Board


Living Room/Media Room


McTier Family Photos

Jenny and Mike’s Maternity Photos

These last ones are my favs!

Phew!  See what I mean?!  I’ve been busy right?!  Anyway, come on back in a bit to see how to make a driftwood starburst mirror, create sketchy “wallpaper”, and make feathered earrings!  See you soon!

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I did this project a while back and just realized I never posted it!  So I’m doing it now. Enjoy!

Cost: $6-8


  • A round wood board. Find them for about $1 at your craft store.
  • Chalkboard paint. Regular matte or satin black paint works well too.
  • A white paint pen.
  • A profile picture of your little one. (or whoever you’re doing this project for)
  • Paint brush.
  • Access to a computer with a basic photo editing software.

I did two of these (one of each of my boys) and I think they turned out so cute.  *TIP* This project would also be adorable with a dog face silhouette or as “His” and “Hers” memo boards.

1.  Take a picture of your subject (in my case each of my sons) close up and profile.

2.  Upload it into your computer.

3.  Resize it to fill about 3/4’s of a regular piece of computer paper.

4. Print it out and cut out the profile pic.  Set it aside.

5.  Paint your round wooden board with your black chalkboard paint.  This might take a couple of coats.  *TIP*  I use a simple foam craft brush to make the paint go on evenly instead of a regular paint brush.

6.  Once your board is dry, center your profile pic and trace around it with a pencil.  *TIP*  To make the silhouette more decorative, try to end the profile at the bottom with soft curving graceful lines that flow down a bit through the chest and back to avoid a “floating head” look.  This is hard to explain but you can just look at my pics and get a feel for what I mean.

7.  Pull the pic away and then trace over your pencil line with your paint pen.  *TIP*  You’ll most likely need to blot the paint pen on a scrap piece of paper first to get the ink flowing smoothly.  Try to use as few strokes as possible so that the paint from the pen doesn’t pool up anywhere.

8.  Now just wait for it to dry and hang it up somewhere!  You can use ribbon or a picture hook or just prop it up somewhere.  Wasn’t that easy breasy?!


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I needed a light over by the daybed in my office/guest room and I really didn’t want to spend a lot so I took a paper round paper lantern that was hanging without a purpose in my son’s room and decided it would do the job.  The only problem is it looked so boring, just this white glowing orb against a white wall.  I didn’t want to do a lot to it, just a little something to make it more fun.  I decided to make a few flowers and attach them to it kind of cascading down one side.  I’m pretty pleased with it now.  I think it gives just the right amount of pizazz.

This tutorial is really about how to make the singed flowers I used for the lantern.  Singed flowers are very easy to make and a quick project that you can create and use for several different purposes.  Here are some ideas of ways to use singed fabric flowers:

  • Decorate a lamp shade or hanging lantern like I am doing here.
  • Make some adorable shoe clips.  I found these at StyleHive.com.
  • Attach a pin back and use them as a brooch or hang them asymmetrically off a drapey necklace.  This one I found at MissPriss.com.
  • Or as a flower BIB style necklace like this one by SheersSerendipity on Etsy.
  • Make a “never-die” corsage.  This one I found at FabulouslyArtsy.com.
  • Attach them to a headband, hair clip, or bobby pin.  I found this stretchy headband here.
  • Make a ribbon belt and attach them to it.  This one is from PaperSilkMade on Etsy.
  • Attach them to napkin rings for a beautiful springtime place setting.  This would also be great at a bridal shower or luncheon and make flowered pony tail holders that are around each napkin to use as a take-home gift after the meal.
  • Attach them to a clutch or purse.  This one was found by BellaFiore2009 on Etsy.
  • Use them as tie backs for drapes to dress up windows.
  • Sew them onto pillows.  I found this cute little one at HookedonHouses.net.
  • Make white ones to attach to a wedding veil.  This gorgeous birdcage veil with flower I found at SnowWhiteStudio on Etsy.

So, as you can see, once you learn this little technique you can make countless amazing little doo-dads for you, your home, and all your friends!

So lets get started then:

Cost: $4 for the light kit.  The rest I had on hand.  The total cost of this project would probably be around $10-$15.


  • A paper lantern. Find these at Ikea for about $5.
  • A light kit. Also at Ikea for about $4.
  • Chiffon, organza, satin, etc. scrap fabric. I used white chiffon that I got out of the remnant bin at Joann’s Fabrics.  Basically you want a synthetic light weight fabric that will “melt” a bit under intense heat.
  • A needle and thread.
  • Something to decorate the center of your flower. I made a little fluffy center out of scrap fabric that coordinated with my room.  You can use beads, rhinestones, fabric, buttons, etc to give your flowers centers.
  • A glue gun.
  • A candle and lighter.

And thats it!

1.  Cut your fabric into circles (or petal shapes if you’d like).  Cut various sizes from large to small.

2. Light a candle.  It is best to use one that is not inside a canister or glass cup.  Just so its easy to get close to the flame.

3.  Hold an edge of one of the fabric circles several inches from the flame and move in closer (slowly, you don’t want to catch it on fire!) until you see the edge begin to melt a bit and curl.

4.  Turn your “petal” to singe all along the edge of the fabric to create a complete “bowl-like” petal.

5.  Continue to singe all the fabric circles to create petals in varying sizes.

6.  Layer your petals to create a flower.  You can layer more or less depending on the size and fullness you’d like.  Play around with the petal layout to create different looks or layer them all the same to create uniform looking flowers like the ones I attached to my lantern.

7.   Using your needle and thread, attach all the petals together through the center.

8.  Depending on what you’re using as a center piece, attach that with the needle and thread.  I used a small round piece of blue-green fabric that i frayed and pinched to create a little “tassle” in the center of my flower.

9.  Create the rest of your flowers the same way.  I made 5 for my paper lantern.

10.  Arrange them on your lantern in a way that you’d like and use straight pins to temporarily maintain that layout as you glue them down one by one with a dot of hot glue.

11.  Enjoy your fancy new paper lantern!

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Yay!  I’m so excited to FINALLY have my craft room/office/music/guest room decorated and ready to use! Heres a bad picture that sort of gives you the idea of what it used to look like.  Sorry, I didn’t take many before pics.

As you can see,  this just shows you one side of the room where I housed all my craft junk.  Although it was somewhat organized into labeled bins, it looked super cluttered and chaotic.  The other side of the room had a small rickety computer desk and my keyboard on it.  And that was pretty much it.  Oh, by the way, if you read my sunburst mirror tutorial I described the “decorated” version of this room with the diarrhea wall color.  The pic above is before I painted it back then.  Sorry, I don’t have a pic of the ugly “decorated” room (I’m trying to block it from my memory).

Anyway, we really needed to be able to use this room as my craft room, our office, our music room to house my keyboard and our recording equipment, and a guest room for when family comes to visit from Idaho.  Thats a lot to ask of a relatively small space.  I sat in the room with a paper and pencil for like 20 minutes before I came up with a functional solution.  I decided the crappy desk had to go in order to free up that wall for a day-bed with trundle for guests.  That meant I’d have to reconfigure the shelving (thanks Daddy for putting it up for me!) and build a desk area on that side of the room.  This made my hubby happy when he saw it complete and realized how much extra desk space it created.  I also needed to fit my keyboard in there along with my drop-leaf craft table.  So the keyboard went on the wall by the closet door, I organized and put shelving in the closet to free up the floorspace which allows me now to be able to roll my craft table in there when I’m not using it, and I also brought an old bookcase that was in our garage in with some baskets to house guests’ items and create a little vanity area with a mirror and lamp.  And voila!! It is done.  And BONUS, my husband caved and agrees that it now looks much better and is much more functional.  Heres what it looks like now:

Awwww.  Much better.

The wooden day-bed and trundle were a $50 craigslist find and fit perfectly on the back wall.  I bought the white twin bedskirt at Target as well as the white comforter.

I REALLY needed some functional storage for all my craft supplies.  I found these photo boxes at Hobby Lobby for $4 each but I bought them on a 50% off day for $2 a piece.  Think outside the box (no pun intended) when looking for organizational supplies.  Office storage boxes like these were at least $6 each in the office supply section of the other stores I visited.   In the bottom left you can see some of my white stackable bins that I keep on the bottom shelf to store things I need often like scizzors, glue, markers, tools, etc, and I found them as a set of 3 at Walmart in the kitchen section.

Heres a peek at the “office” side.  Peyton really wanted to be in the picture.

A few Dollar Store clipboards got a makeover with ModPodge and scrapbook paper and keep our mail organized.

This frame was a quick project:  Take an old frame, paint it, attach wire or string across it in rows (I used push pins to hold it to the frame), and clip on small clothespins.  It makes a cute little photo/memo board.

This is my DIY mirror and a lamp that was needing a home.  I spray painted the lamp Jade from Krylon and sanded it back a little to distress it a bit.  I wanted a little place where guests could get ready and put some belongings.

These are the pen and ink sketches from this tutorial.  I bought the frames at the Dollar Store.

I layered tons of fun pillows on the day-bed which I just took from other places in my house.  I also took a paper lantern from my son’s room (he already had another lamp in there) and spruced it up a bit with some fabric flowers.  The tutorial for that is coming soon.  I bought an ugly painting a while back at a thrift store for $5 solely for the frame and painted the frame and a picture to go inside and hung it over the bed.

Here is a close up of the painting I did.  I wanted something kind of fun and quirky with just a POP of color.  I sketched the picture on a white canvas board (find canvas for really cheap at Walmart and BigLots) and then gave it a watercolored look with watered down acrylic craft paint.  I like that its imperfect and kind of whimsical.  The dusty blue-green fram makes it really pop off the white wall.  I spray painted the frame with Jade paint from Krylon and then glazed over it with watered down black craft paint and wiped it back before it dried with a paper towel.  Then I just set it all with a clear gloss spray lacquer.

I spruced up this lamp with singed fabric flowers I made and I think it really gives it a little more oomph.

This chalkboard was made by spray painting the old backing to a mirror (regular spray paint in a matte or satin finish works GREAT as a chalkboard on a smooth surface).  I decorated it with a white paint pen and hung it off of some silver chain I had.

And thats pretty much it!! It actually looks much better in person and I am loving the results!  I’m so excited to start using this room more now and my hubby is excited that craft junk will no longer be inhabiting the dining room table!  🙂

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