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Are you guys ready for some lovin’? ¬†ūüėČ ¬†If not, check out some of these last minute Valentine’s Day cards, signs, printables, and crafts. ¬†So FUN aren’t they?!

V’day card from EnormousChampion.

These adorable Love Bug Valentine’s would be great for the little ones. ¬†Find the bugs at the Dollar Store and get the jar printable at Dandee.

Martha Stewart knows how to really rock the card making! ¬†I love these and they’d be especially easy with a dye cut machine.

This is a fabulous idea for a man¬†bouquet! ¬†Heather over at How Does She? made an ingenious bouquet out of mens socks for her guy this V’day. ¬†So great. ¬†You could probably also do the same kind of thing with underwear or t-shirts or ties.

Bakerella made these darling and simple cupcakes for V’day. ¬†So sweet and easy even I might be able to pull off whipping these up!

Want a funny card/geeky/sci-fi card?  Check this out from the Wallaroo on etsy.  LOVE it.

Or this adorable card from Rifle Paper Co.

Make yourself a freezer paper stencil (like My Girl Thursday) and hand paint this shirt for your wife (or hubby). ¬†ūüôā

Make a sweet clay heart pendant with Mitsy of ArtMind.

Speaking of clay, you could always go back to my clay rose tutorial and make some adorable vintage inspired rose rinds, earrings, or even refrigerator magnets for the special ladies in your life.

I saw this on Pinterest¬†(follow me on pinterest if you’d like)¬†and thought it would be another great freezer paper (or applique) project! ¬†Spice it up a little bit tomorrow night! ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Or, if you’re NOT in the mood, create the other side to say “In Your Dreams”.

And of course, if you have a chance, doll yourself up and take some pin ups! ¬†Your sweety will LOVE them! ūüôā

I hope you all have a FANTABULOUS VALENTINE’S DAY!!! ¬†See you back here in a few!

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I walked into my master bedroom a couple weeks ago and thought, “BLECH.”. ¬†Not that I haven’t loved the black and white neutral color scheme, I just got tired of it. ¬†I blame it on the quarter-life crisis I seem to be going through. ¬†I have been feeling very anxious and OLD and have been itching to mix it up a bit in my life. ¬†I would do what I always do when I feel like this and just go and do something drastic to my hair, that usually seems to do the trick, but I PROMISED my hubby I would grow my hair out and wouldn’t cut it until it was about “boob length” (his words). ¬†So, after flipping through my “Happy Chic” book by Jonathan Adler (it is so fun and dramatic),

I decided to spruce up my room with a younger, funkier, Jonathan Adler meets Domino Mag (I miss you Domino)¬†vibe and some really happy colors. The problem, like usual, is that I don’t have much of a decorating budget so I had to get creative and try to use what I have as much as possible. ¬†I knew the first thing I wanted to do is change the wall color. ¬†I decided to keep it neutral and lighten it up so I went with a light gray. ¬†This decision was also largely based on the fact that I happen to have a bunch of leftover gray paint from Peyton’s room that I knew I could lighten up and use. ¬†I also knew I really wanted to make the walls come to life so I decided to take it one step further and paint subtle gray horizontal stripes on 3 of the 4 walls. ¬†I thought this would be a BIG time consuming job, but it actually wasn’t that bad. ¬†And the lines came out really crisp, even on my textured walls, thanks to this tutorial I found over at Living With Lindsay. ¬†I did this all by myself so I imagine it would be much easier with a helper. ¬†I figure my husband will be less annoyed by my constant redecorating if he doesn’t have to do any of the work, so I do things while hes not looking so he can be amazed at the result later! ūüėČ ¬†Anyway, my stripes are 11.5″ wide. ¬†I simply measured from the baseboard up 11.5″, then marked it, and measured up another 11.5″, marked it again, so on…until I had marked off the whole 3 walls, putting marks every 4 feet or so. ¬†Then I just layed the tape on the wall as straight as possible from mark to mark. ¬†I’m sure its not perfect, but I’m impatient. ¬†I think it turned out pretty dang straight actually. ¬†I left the tall wall, opposite my bed, stripeless because A. The weird ceiling line would’ve made the stripes look off at the top, and B. ¬†I decided to put bookshelves against that wall that would pretty much cover it anyway.

Well, I’ll just show you the pics and walk you through the rest of what I did….

As a reminder, heres what my master bedroom looked like before:

And heres what it looks like now! ¬†SO much more fun and fresh I think. ¬†And it definitely is a better reflection of me and Mr. Hubby’s style:

Didn’t the stripes turn out great? ¬†I super love the subtle little FUN they bring to the walls. ¬†So obviously with practically NO budget I kept all the original furniture. ¬†The first and most noticeable upcycle is probablly the DIY’d ikat chevron headboard. ¬†Yup. ¬†I made that baby. ¬†I looked and looked for cheap fabric that I liked and just couldn’t find any so I hit up Walmart’s fabric section and found some great white cotton twill. ¬†Then all it took was a little craft paint, mixed with some textile medium, and a bit of creativity. ¬†To be honest, I like but don’t love it. ¬†I was too impatient and so my lines are a bit whompy. ¬†I have leftover fabric so I might just do it again. ¬†I dunno. ¬†Anyway, the tutorial on that is coming soon if you want to paint your own! ¬†(I’m sure you’ll learn from my mistakes and do a better job!)

I was happy to keep my lime green chairs and create a pallet around them so I distributed pops of green around the room. ¬†But I also LOVE tealy-blue and threw that in there too, spray painting the nightstands, and adding other teal accents around the room. ¬†Then I wanted just a little bit more so I added in just a few PUNCHES of tangerine orange. ¬†It was tough to break out for my “4 colors in a room” box but I figured since gray, black, and white are really just neutrals in the background, 3 more fun colors wouldn’t hurt. ¬†ūüôā

The black frames used in the pic above I got from BigLots for $5 for 2 (I also saw the same ones at Joann’s for $20 for 2 so I got a killer deal). ¬†I just wrote on some canvas panels the letters to spell “ME” and “YOU” and flanked the room with them to fill up all the extra wall space surrounding my bed.

I debated for a bit on what to hang above my bed. ¬†I didn’t want anything too busy to compete with the vibrant headboard and striped wall. ¬†I thought about putting the framed “Me” and “YOU” there but decided I wanted something a bit more simple and small. ¬†Also, I was afraid Daniel would think the room was getting too girly so I thought I’d throw him one and macho the place up by stealing the antlers (thrifted and painted for $4) from Sawyer’s nursery and mount those above the bed instead. ¬†(Don’t worry, I just replaced them with the Pinterest project from this post and my wire dear head looks great in there). ¬†I LOVE them in here. ¬†I think they float perfectly inbetween my DIY’d hanging lamps and give just that touch of bohemian but in a sophisticated way. ¬†Daniel likes them too. ¬†Mostly because he says, “The bedroom is meant for mounting.” ¬†Haha! ¬†ūüėČ

Okay, I just wanted to talk about these pillows really quick! ¬†Little orange guy is just some fabric I have wrapped around a pillow right now but I will soon get to sewing. ¬†But the big gorgeous fringed beauty I found the other day at Home Goods in the clearance section for $7. ¬†YES ¬†$7. ¬†You can’t even buy a down pillow form at the fabric store for $7. ¬†I just love it.

This is all pretty much the same.  I still want to do something more to that dresser.  Not sure what though, but it works great the way it is too.  The little teal lamp was on sale at Target for about $20.  The picture frame was also a Target buy on clearance for $2 as well as the new duvet cover set that was (my big splurge) about $60.

Above is a quick look from the other side of the room. ¬†Below is a look at my bookcase wall that once was my gallery wall. ¬†I ordered the white bookshelves from Walmart (in store they only had the 11″ deep ones and I wanted the 9″ deep ones) for $35 each. ¬†They did site to store so I didn’t have to pay any shipping. ¬†Originally I wanted to back them with some fun fabric or wallpaper (probably something black and white to allow the decorative accents to pop) but once I assembled them and got them up I realized I rather like them backless with the gray wallcolor showing through. ¬†I’m not sure if I’ll leave them this way or decide to go ahead and back them, but here they are for now. ¬†I’m still working on the styling, but heres the gist:

I am also debating on building legs for my shelves to stand on to make them look a bit more custom and give them more height on my tall wall. ¬†I dunno. ¬†I’ll¬†probably¬†just be too lazy. ūüôā ¬†Most of the accent pieces on the shelves were things I already had although I did pick up a few colorful vases and such at Hobby Lobby (50% off) and Ross. ¬†I probably bought about 6 things all under $6 each.

And thats pretty much it! ¬†I LOVE my new colorful funky room, and so does the hubby which is always a plus. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†I also mixed up some leftover paint from Sawyer’s nursery and am going to be painting my master bathroom shortly in a tealy-blue color. ¬†Of course I’ll post it when I get to it!

A completely new look for under $300! ¬†So happy. ¬†So chic. ūüôā

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I don’t typically decorate my house much for holidays. ¬†Not because I don’t want to, more because I can’t afford it usually. ¬†And also, I figure if I decorate my house for every holiday that rolls around, I will never be able to appreciate it in all its un-decorated decorated glory. ¬†But, after talking to my best friend Tiff the other day, I was reminded how much I used to LOVE Halloween and how much fun we used to have with it. ¬†That inspired me to get back in the “fun” groove (as opposed to the “burned-out-irritable-just-trying-to-keep-myself-out-of-mom-jeans” groove that I usually feel like I’m in). ¬†So I decided to throw me an adults only Halloween party! ¬†I’m actually dorkishly excited about it. ¬†I even made up a little poem for the evitations. ¬†Ahem:

“Eeeekkkk!!! ¬†Boooooo!!!¬†
We want YOU 
to join us for a fun night
of food and fright.
No children allowed
In our big kid crowd.
But come well dressed
in your Halloween best.
And you could win a prize
(or meet your demise).
So come if you dare
We don’t mean to scare.
We really truly hope

I know. ¬†You’re stunned by my genius aren’t you. ¬†I give you permission to use this if you decided to throw your own “Big Kids Boo Bash”. ¬†Yes, that is what I’m calling it. ¬†And yes. ¬†I’m aware that I’m a gigantic nerd.

After I sent out the invites, I started browsing Pinterest (my latest online site obsession) for decor and food ideas. ¬†I can’t believe all the cute and amazing things people are coming up with! ¬†I’m blown away. ¬†Anyway, that just made me more excited and so I made my way to my nearest Dollar Store to see what I could come up with.

Can I just say again how much I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE. ¬†It is a magical place. ¬†Especially for Halloween items. ¬†I found tons of decor and serving wear for my party and it was cheap cheap cheap. ¬†I got home and got to work. ¬†Even though my party is a couple weeks away still, I couldn’t wait to get the decorations up. ¬†I’m totally in Halloween mode now. ¬†I even found costumes for my hubby and I (he is going to be a scarecrow and I’m going to be a crow) at the thrift store this weekend with my sis-in-law Courtney. ¬†I seriously want to just live in costumes for the rest of the month, thats how excited I am.

Anyway, would you like to see my decorations so far?  I used a lot of what I already had with a few things I made and several things from the Dollar Store.

Here is my mantel:

I made the bats by folding sheets of stiff black felt ($0.99 at Hobby Lobby) in half and then cutting out a bat shape (half a bat shape). ¬†Then I folded the wings out and attached them to the wall with sticky tack. ¬†Easy peasy and I LOVE it. ¬†I made larger and smaller bats. ¬†I didn’t use a template, but if you wanted to find one, just google image search “bat¬†silhouette” and you’d find plenty.

I sketched the giant skull profile onto a black painted piece of mdf I had in the garage. ¬†Its in white chalk so I can change it whenever I feel like. ¬†I eyeballed it from an image I found google image searching “skull”. ¬†Peyton calls it a “bone-head”. ¬†Haha!

The Happy Halloween bunting banner I made from my bunting template and Picnik.  I LOVE the skeleton font.  So great.  I printed them on white cardstock and then cut them out and glued them to black cardstock bunting I cut out with pinking shears.  Then I attached them to white paper ribbon I bought at the Dollar Store.

The tombstones, spiderwebs, skulls, and creepy cloth all came from the Dollar Store.

I also made these big spiders out of crepe paper streamers and pipe cleaners.  I want to make a bunch more and have them crawling up my curtains in my living room.

Heres a quick look at my entryway.

Then Spiderman (aka Peyton) popped in to say “hi”.

And heres a closeup of my felt bats.

Pretty creepy huh?! ¬†I’m super excited and can’t wait for the party. ¬†Check out my next post for all of my FREE HALLOWEEN PRINTABLES I made for the party!!! ūüôā ¬†BOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!

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Hey again everyone! ¬†I told you in the last post that I’d get some new pics of to show you Sawyer’s room now that its all done (13 months after his birth…don’t judge me). ¬†Actually, its been done for a while I’m just slow at posting. ¬†Theres really not TOO much that looks different from the nursery posts before this one, just a few added details that I think pull it all together. ¬†Anyway, here it is. ¬†All DONE. ¬†ūüôā

Please ignore the stuff on the floor.  Sawyer was in here while I was taking these pics and was dragging all kinds of stuff out.  At least it shows how the room looks in reality!

The white Jenny Lind crib and changing table set I got off of Craigslist for $125.  The vinyl wall mural I found here.

I found the empty frame at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section for $8.  I made the banner with a template and cardstock and chipboard letters I covered in scrapbook paper.  Here is a template you can use to make your own.  (Just cut the little corners off when you fold the top over your string).

Above are some close-ups of Sawyer’s bunting name banner.

The woodsy vinyl wall mural totally MADE this room. ¬†Since I wasn’t spending much on the rest of the room decor, I “splurged” on it and got it for around $100 or so. ¬†I could pick the colors I wanted and I think it turned out FABULOUS against the teal wall. ¬†(p.s. ¬†Sawyer is so cute rockin his new mowhawk!)

A tree branch made the perfect curtain rod for this space.  I also used a tree branch for the DIY mobile below.

This mobile was SUPER EASY to throw together.  A tree branch+wooden cutouts in woodsy shapes from the craft store+orange craft paint+hemp string and a hook screw= a graphic naturalist simple baby mobile.  You can also buy a little hand drill in the wood pieces section of the craft store for easy hole drilling into small wood pieces like this.

The lamp above was made from an old shade I had leftover from a client’s house, and some extra orange and white fleece from other projects. ¬†My little sis helped me cut out a bunch of “leaf shapes” alternating between regular scizzors and pinking shears. ¬†Then I simply sewed them together like a long garland right down the center of each. ¬†I then cut varying lengths off of the “leaf garland” and hot glued them to the lamp shade, being sure to cover the entire shade and vary the lengths that dangled. ¬†It turned out pretty cute I think and was an easy way to add fun, whimsical lighting.

Sawyer’s baby quilt was another DIY project. ¬†I had found a towel at Walmart for $4 that was the PERFECT color and then decided to applique birch trees and leaves onto it with scrap fabric from other projects for the room. ¬†Then I simply bound and backed the entire “towel quilt” with white fleece. ¬†It has held up really well through several washings and ties in the wall mural nicely.

Below is the block printed bird pillow I made.  Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on block printing using Speedy-Carve blocks here.

And below again is another pillow I hand stamped.  That tutorial can be found here.

I also made this DIY fabric wall art.  That tutorial is here.

And above is a pic of the white $4 thrifted antlers (I sprayed them white with high gloss spray paint), and a photo set I took and framed (got the white frames at the Dollar Store), and also a little owl I made with a hand towel and scrap fabric.  I love this little vignette.

So there you go! ¬†This is my cheap and easy DIY’d, aqua, orange, brown, and white, vintage modern, refurbished, thrifted, woodland creatures, little boys nursery. ¬†Phew. ¬†Hope you like it and can go and DIY one for your little man (or woman) ! Happy crafting!

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My littlest boy turned 1 on Friday and I just can’t believe that an entire year has already come and gone since I had him! ¬†It is a mean joke that pregnancy feels like forever but baby-hood goes by in a snap!

I have been working my big post-pregnancy-number-two butt off trying to get back into shape since I had the little guy. ¬†My goal was to be back to my old self by the time he turned a year old. ¬†I’ve learned since making that goal that there is no such thing as getting “back to my old self” and that parts of my body have fallen under the category “casualties¬†of people making”. ¬†Something that I’m trying my best to accept and work with. ¬†*Sigh*. ¬†Anyway, I HAVE managed to get back into my pre-Sawyer size very comfortably and have lost all but a few pesky pounds of my baby weight. ¬†So, in honor of Sawyer’s birthday, I decided to give myself a Happy Birthing Day present and take myself out for an afternoon of thrifting for new threads. ¬†A neighbor friend of mine was kind enough to watch the boys and I literally skipped to the car to go on my thrifty little way. ¬†I can’t remember the last time I’ve been thrifting without kids. ¬†I love it more than I’d love a day at the spa I think (but I can’t say for sure since I’ve never had a day at the spa…maybe for next years Happy Birthing Day gift…).

I made my way to a newer Goodwill about 15 minutes from my house to see what I could find. ¬†I spent 3 hours of so rummaging through all the racks and aisles and tried on a billion different things. ¬†It is the thrill of the HUNT that I love so much. ¬†I love that thrifting is like a giant grab bag and you never know what amazing things you’ll find. ¬†And man, I found some GREAT stuff on this trip! ¬†Happy Birthing Day to me! ūüôā

Here are a few of the things I found:

This AMAZING black and white pencil skirt by Ann Taylor.  This thing still had the tag on it (priced at $108)!  I got it for $7!!! YAY! I love the print and the pockets.  I also found this cute little black velvet corset top.  I thought it would be really cute under a jacket or over a plain white tshirt.  So fun.

I also found this fabulous vintage red pencil skirt.  It is kind of a linen-ish material and bright red.  I love it with this teal lightweight sweater I found (Gap).  The skirt was $7 and the shirt was $5.

Then I came across this vintage-ish featherweight floral dress.  So Anthropologie.  I LOVE it.  It was only $10.

Then I found these earrings in a basket at the checkout for $1 a pair.

I also found an adorable short and full navy and white plaid skirt with pockets ($7), a couple of great navy shirts to go with it ($5 each), another charcoal button-down highwaisted pinstriped skirt ($7), a long white beachy cotton skirt ($7), a pair of amazing Seven jeans ($8), and an adorable pair of wide leg trouser jeans ($8), not to mention a couple of toys for the boys.  It was a perfect thrifting afternoon of loveliness.


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OK!  Did you have fun with the last tutorial?  Are you ready for another cute little design?  Lets dive right in then shall we!

Cost: $6 or so


  • Access to a¬†computer that has the internet¬†and your fabulously creative mind.
  • Something to stick your design on when your done (shirt, bag, burp cloth, pillow, etc.)
  • Printable cotton sheet(s). ¬†The one I used is from Walmart and madeAvery. ¬†You can get a pack of 3 sheets (the size of standard computer paper) for around $6. ¬†I made 8 t-shirt appliques out of the 3 sheets.
  • Scizzors
  • Thread and sewing machine. ¬†(Don‚Äôt worry, this is super¬†beginner¬†seamstress stuff.)
  • An¬†iron.

1.  The first thing you want to do is get online and go to www.picnik.com.  If you don’t already have an account create one now for free or buy the premium version.  You will only need the free version for this tutorial.

2. ¬†Next find your file¬†‚Äúblank white‚Ä̬†that you have saved to your computer from previous tutorials (c‚Äômon, I have to just assume that you have done EVERY tutorial on my blog by now right?!¬†:)¬†) or just simply google ‚Äúblank white‚ÄĚ and save a blank white jpeg file to your computer. ¬†Then upload the ‚Äúblank white‚ÄĚ file to picnik. ¬†It will then pop up under the¬†‚ÄúEdit‚ÄĚtab. ¬†Here you can resize it or rotate it if you need to.

3. ¬†Next head over to the “Create” tab and find the “Text” button there.

4. ¬†In the text box start typing the alphabet, 4 letters per line. ¬†Use “COURIER NEW” font. ¬†Leave the font color black and size the text to fit your blank image well.

5. ¬†Now determine what word(s) you would like to “hide” within the alphabet. ¬†Since I am using this to make sibling shirts I used “BIG BRO” for mine. ¬†Figure out where you’d like to hide your words. ¬†This works best if you hide your words in place of a letter that falls correctly within the alphabet. ¬†For example, I kept the letter “I” in the appropriate placement within the alphabet and put “B” and “G” around it. ¬†Once you determine where you’d like your words, go back to the text box and replace those letters with spaces.
6. ¬†Click out of that text and add new text in the text box. ¬†Since my “B” in “BIG” fell on a different line as the “IG” I had to add the “B”¬†separately¬†than the “IG”. ¬†Also, change the color of this text to something that will stand out from the rest of the alphabet. ¬†Resize your text to fit the size of the alphabet text.
7. ¬†And thats pretty much the design! ¬†I also decided to fill in the gap at the end of the alphabet after the “YZ” with a cute little graphic just to add something fun and make the entire design uniform. ¬†To do this I just went to the “Stickers” tab and found “Common Symbols”. ¬†I like the truck and the car graphic and added that to the end in the same color as the hidden words.
8. ¬†And thats pretty much the design! ¬†Customize it as you see fit or just use my templates to make your own sibling shirts. ¬†At this point you want to save this design to your computer and the click “Continue Editing” in picnik if you’d like to change the “BIG” to “LIL” or whatnot.
9. ¬†Now, to print this off on your printable cotton, open up a print layout program on your computer and size these and lay them out the way you’d like. ¬†I sized the “lil bro” design a bit smaller than the “big bro” design because my son’s shirts aren’t the same size. ¬†When it seems to be how it needs to be print out your designs on printable cotton.
10.  Cut around your design and following the directions on the printable cotton packaging, iron them in place on your t-shirt (or item of choice).

11.  If you’re not keen on sewing you could be done at this point but I’m not sure how well the applique will hold up to washing.  I simply sewed quickly around the edges to secure it.

And thats it!  Have fun with this design and customize it all you want!

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I’m finally forcing myself to get around to doing a cute“Big Sis” “Lil Sis” tshirt project¬†I’ve been meaning to do for a friend of ours who had¬†twin girls¬†a while back. ¬†¬†Anyway, this is kind of going to be the first tutorial of 3; ¬†the first one being on¬†how to create this “I love my ____button” using (my favorite)¬†Picnik, the second tutorial will be on how to create a custom “alphabet” design with hidden words, and the third is going to be on how to create a funky eye-chart “I love my _____” design.¬† After I made these I realized that I just did all the work for you anyway (you’re welcome) and that you could just use my templates to print out yourselves as is. ¬†But, I figured I’d do the tutorials anyway so that you can really customize them to your liking. ¬†For example, with this design you could create it yourself in Picnik and change it to “I love my dog”, or “I love chocolate” ¬†or whatever you think you love. ¬†Or you could even get really personal and use someones name. ¬†So, here you go! ¬†Have fun customizing these designs all you want and appliqueing them to anything that tickles your fancy! ¬†This is going to¬†change your life. ¬†Okay, well maybe not, but it will open up a lot of options for¬†creating one-of-a-kind custom shirts, bags, pillows, whatever! ¬†Are you intrigued? ¬†Good. ¬†Lets get this party started.

Cost: $6 or so


  • Access to a computer that has the internet and your fabulously creative mind.
  • Something to stick your design on when your done (shirt, bag, burp cloth, pillow, etc.)
  • Printable cotton sheet(s). ¬†The one I used is from Walmart and made Avery. ¬†You can get a pack of 3 sheets (the size of standard computer paper) for around $6. ¬†I made 8 t-shirt appliques out of the 3 sheets.
  • Scizzors
  • Thread and sewing machine. ¬†(Don’t worry, this is super¬†beginner¬†seamstress stuff.)
  • An iron.

1. ¬†The first thing you want to do is get online and go to¬†www.picnik.com. ¬†If you don’t already have an account create one now for free or buy the premium version. ¬†You will only need the free version for this tutorial.

2. ¬†Next find your file¬†“blank white”¬†that you have saved to your computer from previous tutorials (c’mon, I have to just assume that you have done EVERY tutorial on my blog by now right?! ūüôā ) or just simply google “blank white” and save a blank white jpeg file to your computer. ¬†Then upload the “blank white” file to picnik. ¬†It will then pop up under the¬†“Edit”tab. ¬†Here you can resize it or rotate it if you need to.

3. ¬†Now click on the¬†“Create”¬†tab at the top of the screen. ¬†Then click on the¬†“Stickers”¬†tab. ¬†Find¬†“Geometric”¬†in the left sidebar. ¬†Click on the black circle and drag it and size it on your blank image.

4.  Next, grab another circle except now change the color of it to white and size it in the middle of the black circle to leave a circular black frame.

5. ¬†Now, click on the¬†“Text”¬†tab at the top of the screen. ¬†In the text box type¬†“I (spacebar several times) my”¬†and then apply it in the font of your choice. ¬†I chose¬†“Epilog”. ¬†Then you can resize it and position it at the top center of your circle.

6. ¬†Next, in the text box type¬†“BIG SIS”¬†(or Bro) or NewYork or RockyRoad or whatever you’d like to “love”. ¬†Apply that and resize ¬†and center it underneath the previous text. ¬†I made my¬†“BIG SIS”¬†larger than my¬†“I ¬† ¬† ¬† my”.

7. ¬†Almost done! ¬†Now just go back to the¬†“Stickers”¬†tab and find the¬†“Hand Drawn Hearts”¬†tools and find a heart. ¬†Drag and resize the heart to fit in between the “I” and the “my” text.

8. ¬†And there you go! ¬†You’ve made a super cute¬†“I Love my BIG SIS”¬†design to applique to your little ones t-shirt! ¬†Now just save it to your computer and then go back in and click¬†“Continue Editing”¬†in picnik to swap out the¬†“BIG”¬†with“LIL'”. ¬†Then save it again to your computer as a seperate file name and open them both up in a print layout program.

9. ¬†Once you’ve arranged them in your print layout and have them sized how you’d like, print them out on a sheet of your printable cotton (follow the directions in the packaging).

10.  Cut around your design and following the directions on the printable cotton packaging, iron them in place on your t-shirt (or item of choice).

11. ¬†If you’re not keen on sewing you could be done at this point but I’m not sure how well the applique will hold up to washing. ¬†I simply sewed quickly around the edges to secure it.

And DONE! ¬†Easy breezy! ¬†Oh, and I also added some little bows out of scrap fabric for the twins’ shirts and then made a couple for my boys as well. ¬†Here are the boys designs in case you just want to use mine instead of creating your own:

I loved how these turned out and hope you do too and go make your own! ¬†You could use this design for SO many things! ¬†Baby shower gifts, father’s day/mother’s day gifts, Valentine’s day gifts, wedding/engagement gifts, etc… Get creative with this! ¬†The possibilities are literally endless!

Here are some sneak previews of the next tutorial…

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I did this project a while back and just realized I never posted it! ¬†So I’m doing it now. Enjoy!

Cost: $6-8


  • A round wood board. Find them for about $1 at your craft store.
  • Chalkboard paint. Regular matte or satin black paint works well too.
  • A white paint pen.
  • A profile picture of your little one. (or whoever you’re doing this project for)
  • Paint brush.
  • Access to a computer with a basic photo editing software.

I did two of these (one of each of my boys) and I think they turned out so cute. ¬†*TIP* This project would also be adorable with a dog face silhouette or as “His” and “Hers” memo boards.

1.  Take a picture of your subject (in my case each of my sons) close up and profile.

2.  Upload it into your computer.

3. ¬†Resize it to fill about 3/4’s of a regular piece of computer paper.

4. Print it out and cut out the profile pic.  Set it aside.

5.  Paint your round wooden board with your black chalkboard paint.  This might take a couple of coats.  *TIP*  I use a simple foam craft brush to make the paint go on evenly instead of a regular paint brush.

6. ¬†Once your board is dry, center your profile pic and trace around it with a pencil. ¬†*TIP* ¬†To make the silhouette more decorative, try to end the profile at the bottom with soft curving graceful lines that flow down a bit through the chest and back to avoid a “floating head” look. ¬†This is hard to explain but you can just look at my pics and get a feel for what I mean.

7. ¬†Pull the pic away and then trace over your pencil line with your paint pen. ¬†*TIP* ¬†You’ll most likely need to blot the paint pen on a scrap piece of paper first to get the ink flowing smoothly. ¬†Try to use as few strokes as possible so that the paint from the pen doesn’t pool up anywhere.

8. ¬†Now just wait for it to dry and hang it up somewhere! ¬†You can use ribbon or a picture hook or just prop it up somewhere. ¬†Wasn’t that easy breasy?!


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I’m back from visiting my best friend in Maryland and I’m ready to bust out some more great tutorials for you guys! ¬†I had a BLAST at my friend’s house and took tons of pictures and even did some projects for my blog while I was there. ¬†I babysat one afternoon while her and her hubby were out looking at furniture for their new house and the kids and I had some much fun taking pictures. ¬†I wanted to create a photo-booth style photo strip for my friend of her kids being cute and silly and I think they turned out great. ¬†So, I thought I’d do a tutorial on it and share my little shooting tips and techniques and editing. ¬†So, here we go.

Cost: $0

Supplies: A couple of cute kids, or funny teens, or crazy adults… I had a friend who did this kind of thing at her wedding and hired a photographer to take photo-booth style pics of the guests. ¬†It was SO FUN. ¬†I only wish I would have thought of it at my wedding.

You’ll also probably want to hang a piece of fabric up or drape it over a table near a large window. ¬†I used my friend’s table with a white sheet draped over it in the kitchen. ¬†Heres what the set-up looked like:

I know. ¬†Super complicated right. ¬†I used natural light coming through the window as side-lighting and the overhead kitchen light to light the tops of their heads a bit. ¬†There are some really great books out there on using natural light in photography and are well worth the read if you are an amateur (or professional) photographer who loves taking pictures but doesn’t want to spend all your money on studio lighting equipment.

Anyway, I sat them down on the floor with the sheet as the backdrop and squish them in close together. ¬†*TIP* ¬†Although I didn’t do this, it might be a good idea to use a tri-pod to get consistent depth-of-field and zoom in your photos (like a photo-booth would have). ¬†I then kneeled down at their eye level and started snapping! ¬†At first they did the standard “smile at the camera” stuff but before long they got silly and the great faces started coming out. ¬†*TIP* When shooting kids, make sure you have a faster shutter speed. ¬†They’re wiggly and it will cut down on blur. ¬†Also, let them be silly! ¬†Especially with these kind of pics, the sillier the better! ¬†P.S. ¬†Once again you don’t have to have a fancy camera to take good pictures. ¬†I happen to have an Olympus DSLR but even a point and shoot would work just fine. ¬†Real photo-booth pics aren’t taken with fancy equipment either.

Here is a look at what we got.  These are unedited or SOC (straight out of camera).




























































And thats them. ¬†Aren’t they a crack up! ¬†Wesley is 4 and a half and Katie is 3. ¬†They are two of my favorite kids in the world. ūüôā

1. ¬†Set up your shooting area. ¬†Sit your little people down (or they can stand, but kids will be more still if they’re sitting) in front of your backdrop. ¬†Start snapping pics. ¬†*TIP* Give them direction by telling them to act serious, silly, happy, sad, angry, tough, etc. ¬†You might need to stop periodically to show them the pics (kids LOVE to see pictures of themselves, especially when funny faces are involved).

2. ¬†Once you have all the pics you’d like, upload them to your computer and sign in to Picnik. ¬†Upload them to picnik and do any “preliminary” editing that you feel is necessary: take out red eye, blemishes, crop, rotate, etc. ¬†You pretty much want to maintain a uniform feel throughout the photos. ¬†Try to keep the cropping and rotating the same as it would be if they were taken in an actual photo-booth.

3. ¬†Once you have the photos the way you’d like them, find the “Collage” feature on the Picnik home page.

4. That will take you to the collage page where you can choose from several different layouts to create your collage. ¬†Under “Basic” there is a collage layout with a column four photo style collage. ¬†This is the one I’ll be using for my photo-booth style pics.

5. As you can see at the bottom of my picnik screen there is my “Photo Basket”. ¬†If you have uploaded all your pics they will be shown there. ¬†This is great because it allows you to just drag and drop the photos you’d like to use into the alloted collage spaces.

6.  Once you have the collage pics in, you can move them around in the frame, adjust the spacing, proportions, round the edges, change the color of the frame, etc.  I am going to space mine out a bit less, change the frame color to a true black, and round the edges a little.

7. ¬†Once you get your collage how you’d like it hit “Done!” and it will take you to the editing page. ¬†If you’d like you can go to the “Edit” tab and play around a bit with the exposure and contrast and other settings. ¬†Then head over to the “Create” tab and click on “Effects” to display the effects toolbar.

8. ¬†Next make your photo black and white by clicking on the “Black and White” tool and hitting “apply”. ¬†For a digital style photo-booth picture you could be done at this point, but my goal with these are to make them into the real old-fashioned photo booth style pics so more editing is required.

9. ¬†Next, hit the next tool down “Sepia” and play with the “fade” slider to get a soft sepia tint to your collage. ¬†I set the “fade” on mine to 55%. ¬†Hit “apply”.

10. ¬†Now scroll down the effects toolbar to find “1960’s”. ¬†Click that and us the “fade” slider to adjust the amount of grain and pink-ness that is showing in your collage. ¬†I set mine to 70%.

11.  And there you have it!  Old photo-booth style pics of your cute little ones!

How fun was that!!? ¬†If you’d like to keep reading, I’m going to continue on with this tutorial to show you some additional things you can do with Picnik to your photo-booth style pics.

– Add a wrinkly paper texture to your photo using Picnik’s premium tool “Texture” under the “Effects” toolbar. This even further enhances the old-photo look.

– Give your photo a retro wash by taking your photo collage from the black and white phase and using the “Tint” tool with an acid yellow-green color faded to about 65%. ¬†Then you can further enhance the retro wash by using the “Cross Process” tool faded to about 65% as well. ¬†I also used the “Gritty” tool (a premium feature) faded to 70% at 30% darkness to add contrast and pop to the retro photo-booth wash.


– You can also do a high-contrast color strip by using the “Boost” tool faded to 25% and then adding the “Ortonish” tool with the bloom at 0%, the brightness at 50%, and the fade at 0%.


– ¬†THEN you can take that collage (from above) and give it a vintage rosy color wash by going back to you “Edit” tab, bringing down the contrast, and then using the “Tint” tool under the “Effects” tab again to tint it a soft rosy color. ¬†I set my contrast to -45. ¬†Then I set my “Tint” to a light rose color and faded it to 55%.

I could probably go on forever but the baby is crying so I’ll leave you to it! ¬†Happy picniking! ūüôā

UPDATE 2/19:  Here are some more photo booth style pics my family and I recently did.

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shadow puppets
monsters vs aliens shadow puppets

I’m a sucker for stuff like this. ¬†I love puppets and dress-up and playing pretend. ¬†I think I make stuff like this in order to live¬†vicariously¬†through my kids. ūüôā ¬†This is a super cheap and easy project that the kids (and you if you’re like me) will LOVE and play with over and over again.

Heres the breakdown:

Cost: $4 or less for all 6 puppets


  • Foamies large foam sheet (the thick sheet) in black. ¬†You can get this at the craft store.
  • Small wooden dowels. ¬†These are sometimes at the Dollar Store or you can find them at the craft store.
  • Sharp scizzors.
  • A pencil.
  • My monster and aliens templates.
  • A couple of hole punches in different sizes. ¬†I used a regular single hole punch and an¬†eyelet¬†hole punch.
  • Hot glue gun and glue.
  • Black felt if you’d like.

1.  Draw up and cut out your own monster and alien templates, or use mine (because my mama taught me that sharing makes friends).

Monster and Alien Puppet Template 1

Monster and Alien Puppet Template 1

Monster and Alien Template 2

Monster and Alien Template 2

2.  Trace the monster and alien templates onto you foamies sheet with a pencil.

3. Cut out your monster/alien. ¬†Add details (multiple eyes, tentacle suckers, lights, etc.) with your hole punch(es). ¬†Get creative and have fun! ¬†You can’t mess it up!

4. ¬†Glue the dowel to the back of the shadow puppet with hot glue. ¬†To give the puppet some added stability I recommend gluing the dowel about half way up the puppet (if it doesn’t interfere with some eye balls or details). ¬†You can also glue a small piece of black felt to cover the dowel and reinforce that the dowel is securely attached to the puppet.

All done! ¬†Now set up a white sheet and a flashlight and put on a show! ūüôā

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