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Are you guys ready for some lovin’? ¬†ūüėČ ¬†If not, check out some of these last minute Valentine’s Day cards, signs, printables, and crafts. ¬†So FUN aren’t they?!

V’day card from EnormousChampion.

These adorable Love Bug Valentine’s would be great for the little ones. ¬†Find the bugs at the Dollar Store and get the jar printable at Dandee.

Martha Stewart knows how to really rock the card making! ¬†I love these and they’d be especially easy with a dye cut machine.

This is a fabulous idea for a man¬†bouquet! ¬†Heather over at How Does She? made an ingenious bouquet out of mens socks for her guy this V’day. ¬†So great. ¬†You could probably also do the same kind of thing with underwear or t-shirts or ties.

Bakerella made these darling and simple cupcakes for V’day. ¬†So sweet and easy even I might be able to pull off whipping these up!

Want a funny card/geeky/sci-fi card?  Check this out from the Wallaroo on etsy.  LOVE it.

Or this adorable card from Rifle Paper Co.

Make yourself a freezer paper stencil (like My Girl Thursday) and hand paint this shirt for your wife (or hubby). ¬†ūüôā

Make a sweet clay heart pendant with Mitsy of ArtMind.

Speaking of clay, you could always go back to my clay rose tutorial and make some adorable vintage inspired rose rinds, earrings, or even refrigerator magnets for the special ladies in your life.

I saw this on Pinterest¬†(follow me on pinterest if you’d like)¬†and thought it would be another great freezer paper (or applique) project! ¬†Spice it up a little bit tomorrow night! ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Or, if you’re NOT in the mood, create the other side to say “In Your Dreams”.

And of course, if you have a chance, doll yourself up and take some pin ups! ¬†Your sweety will LOVE them! ūüôā

I hope you all have a FANTABULOUS VALENTINE’S DAY!!! ¬†See you back here in a few!

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I really LOVE feathers. ¬†This obsession started about 3 years ago while google-ing “pin up hair and makeup” pics. ¬†In a lot of the pin up sites I noticed the models wearing these amazing feathered fascinators and cocktail hats and brooches and…I fell in LOVE with the glamour that they instantly brought to a look. ¬†Little did I realize at the time that the fashion and decorating world were on my same page and soon I began to see everyone and everything sprouting “wings”. ¬†I started making feathered hair clips, brooches, earrings, headbands, cocktail hats, necklaces, etc. and haven’t stopped. ¬†Sadly, I wear less feathers these days due to toting around my curious cargo (my 8 month old is constantly trying to pluck me) but I still enjoy making feathered things for friends and family and the occasional craft fair.

There is something about feathers that is always fun and always fashionable.  Even if all you can do is throw on a t-shirt and jeans and put your hair in a ponytail (this is my daily outfit lately) if you slap on a feathered headband or dangly feathered earrings you suddenly feel and look fashionable and glamorous.  They can be vintage inspired (like old hollywood and pin ups), modern and edgey (like Project Runway), or bohemian chic (like Anthropologie).  Here are some of my favorite feathered accessories:

This is a GORGEOUS feather fascinator in a classic fan shape that looks absolutely stunning on this old Hollywood-esque model.

This couture feathered bib necklace is FANTASTIC.  Imagine throwing that on with a plain white tee and jeans?  Scrumptious.

For a bohemian touch, I think this long single feather earring would do the trick.  Loverly.  Just loverly.

Here are a few examples of how feathers have been used in the interior decorating world recently.

This feathered lampshade would be a fun way to add texture and interest to a little corner.


I love this plum colored peacock feather rug.

I ADORE this ostrich feather light. ¬†How fun is that! ¬†Maybe for my new kitchen lighting…hmmm. ¬†Maybe in colored feathers….


Anyway, this proves my point. ¬†Feathers are awesome. ¬†Wear them. ¬†Put them in your home. ¬†And just to get you started with your new found feather crush here is a tutorial on how to make simple feather earrings that look great…even with plain tees and jeans.

Cost: $ Maybe $2 per pair but you will get a lot of pairs out of the amount of supplies.  All supplies will cost probably around $9 or so.


  • Feathers. Whatever floats your boat. ¬†Your local craft store will have them in packs.
  • Cord ends aka crimp beads with loop ends. These are in the jewelry section of the craft store in come in packs with different shapes, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Earring hooks. Same as the cord ends (different shapes, colors, styles, sizes, come in packs.)
  • Jewelry making tools. You will need round nose plyers and flat nose plyers. ¬†I bought my jewelry tools at Walmart in a pack for about $9 I think. ¬†Its worth it to pick up some and I use them for plenty of projects outside of jewelry making.
  • Strong quick drying glue. I use Quick Grip glue I bought at Walmart in the craft section.

Okay folks, lets get feathered.

1. ¬†First pull out your feathers and clump about 10 or so (more or less depending on the kind of feathers you’re using) together with all there ends lining up together tightly.

2. ¬†Next, take your glue and just dip the end of your feather clump into it. ¬†Don’t get too much, this is simply to hold the feathers together so you can put the crimp end on.

3. ¬†Hold the feather clump in one hand while the glue gets tacky and take the crimp end in the other hand. ¬†Carefully place the feather clump end into the center of the open crimp end. ¬†Loop side up! ¬†You’ll need that loop to attach the earring. ¬†The tacky glue will help hold the ends in place on the crimp end while you take your flat nose plyers and pinch the sides of the crimp ends down into the center to¬†securely¬†lock in the feathers.

4.  Repeat these steps for the other earring.

5. ¬†Now its time to attach the earring itself to the feather clump. ¬† Open the loop at the end of the earring by twisting it with your pliers. ¬†Do not try to PULL the loop open as this will make it difficult to completely close once you have the feathers on. ¬†TWIST. ¬†DON’T PULL. ¬†Once it is open enough, slide the crimp end loop onto the earring loop and twist the earring loop closed again. ¬†Easy breezy and you’re done!

Now make a ton more with the leftover supplies because all your friends will want a pair! ūüôā ¬†Happy crafting everyone!

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I needed a light over by the daybed in my office/guest room and I really didn’t want to spend a lot so I took a paper round paper lantern that was hanging without a purpose in my son’s room and decided it would do the job. ¬†The only problem is it looked so boring, just this white glowing orb against a white wall. ¬†I didn’t want to do a lot to it, just a little something to make it more fun. ¬†I decided to make a few flowers and attach them to it kind of cascading down one side. ¬†I’m pretty pleased with it now. ¬†I think it gives just the right amount of pizazz.

This tutorial is really about how to make the singed flowers I used for the lantern.  Singed flowers are very easy to make and a quick project that you can create and use for several different purposes.  Here are some ideas of ways to use singed fabric flowers:

  • Decorate a lamp shade or hanging lantern like I am doing here.
  • Make some adorable shoe clips. ¬†I found these at StyleHive.com.
  • Attach a pin back and use them as a brooch or hang them¬†asymmetrically¬†off a drapey necklace. ¬†This one I found at MissPriss.com.
  • Or as a flower BIB style necklace like this one by SheersSerendipity on Etsy.
  • Make a “never-die”¬†corsage. ¬†This one I found at FabulouslyArtsy.com.
  • Attach them to a headband, hair clip, or bobby pin. ¬†I found this stretchy headband here.
  • Make a ribbon belt and attach them to it. ¬†This one is from PaperSilkMade on Etsy.
  • Attach them to napkin rings for a beautiful springtime place setting. ¬†This would also be great at a bridal shower or luncheon and make flowered pony tail holders that are around each napkin to use as a take-home gift after the meal.
  • Attach them to a clutch or purse. ¬†This one was found by BellaFiore2009 on Etsy.
  • Use them as tie backs for drapes to dress up windows.
  • Sew them onto pillows. ¬†I found this cute little one at HookedonHouses.net.
  • Make white ones to attach to a wedding veil. ¬†This gorgeous birdcage veil with flower I found at SnowWhiteStudio on Etsy.

So, as you can see, once you learn this little technique you can make countless amazing little doo-dads for you, your home, and all your friends!

So lets get started then:

Cost: $4 for the light kit.  The rest I had on hand.  The total cost of this project would probably be around $10-$15.


  • A paper lantern. Find these at Ikea for about $5.
  • A light kit. Also at Ikea for about $4.
  • Chiffon, organza, satin, etc. scrap fabric. I used white chiffon that I got out of the remnant bin at Joann’s Fabrics. ¬†Basically you want a synthetic light weight fabric that will “melt” a bit under intense heat.
  • A needle and thread.
  • Something to decorate the center of your flower. I made a little fluffy center out of scrap fabric that coordinated with my room. ¬†You can use beads, rhinestones, fabric, buttons, etc to give your flowers centers.
  • A glue gun.
  • A candle and lighter.

And thats it!

1. ¬†Cut your fabric into circles (or petal shapes if you’d like). ¬†Cut various sizes from large to small.

2. Light a candle.  It is best to use one that is not inside a canister or glass cup.  Just so its easy to get close to the flame.

3. ¬†Hold an edge of one of the fabric circles several inches from the flame and move in closer (slowly, you don’t want to catch it on fire!) until you see the¬†edge¬†begin to melt a bit and curl.

4. ¬†Turn your “petal” to singe all along the edge of the fabric to create a complete “bowl-like” petal.

5.  Continue to singe all the fabric circles to create petals in varying sizes.

6. ¬†Layer your petals to create a flower. ¬†You can layer more or less depending on the size and¬†fullness¬†you’d like. ¬†Play around with the petal layout to create different looks or layer them all the same to create uniform looking flowers like the ones I attached to my lantern.

7.   Using your needle and thread, attach all the petals together through the center.

8. ¬†Depending on what you’re using as a center piece, attach that with the needle and thread. ¬†I used a small round piece of blue-green fabric that i frayed and pinched to create a little “tassle” in the center of my flower.

9.  Create the rest of your flowers the same way.  I made 5 for my paper lantern.

10. ¬†Arrange them on your lantern in a way that you’d like and use straight pins to temporarily maintain that layout as you glue them down one by one with a dot of hot glue.

11.  Enjoy your fancy new paper lantern!

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Hey everyone! ¬†I’ve been getting a lot of questions and requests for more info on how to take and edit your own pin-up and vintage style photos so I decided to get it together and do another pin-up photoshoot with some friends and let you all get to see how its done! ¬†I made a video of the shoot so you can really see how I do all this in my own house. ¬†We had SO much fun and I am THRILLED with the results! ¬†Check out the video (its a bit long I know, but I wanted you to be able to really see how it all works so you can feel confident enough to try it yourself), and some of my previous pin up posts and invite some friends over and get crackin! ¬†Seriously guys, this is NOT hard and you CAN do it yourself. ¬†And your guys are going to LOVE it!

Thank you so much Sabrina (who by the way is the dark-haired brunette and the mother of THREE!), Vanessa, and Melissa for being my models!  You guys did FABULOUSLY!

This photo shoot was a very PG shoot (due to the fact that I knew I’d be posting it online for all to see) but feel free to spice it up as much as you’d like for your special Valentine!

FYI:  All the outfits and props were things from my own closet.  A lot of the things in the pics are from thrift stores (its safe to say that at least 70% of my entire wardrobe consists of thrift store finds) and I highly recommend hitting up your local thrift stores before your shoot for some awesome vintage (or vintage-inspired) threads.

I really wanted to do a calendar tutorial just to show the range of outfits, props, and poses you can use so I will also now give you a list of my calendar themes month by month.

January: Think snow, ice, sledding, etc.  You could also do a little cocktail dress and hat with a noise maker and confetti for a New Years theme.  Sabrina dressed in fishnets, a black pleated skirt, a fur collar, a red hat, and teal cardigan, with a gold belt and red shoes.  *TIP*  Keep the clothes fun and colorful to make the pictures pop.  We had her pretend to be chilly.

February: This ones easy! ¬†Think Valentine’s Day of course! ¬†You can do a cupid thing with wings and a bow and arrow, or just get real sexy in a little number, or go with our theme like Sabrina and cut out hearts from construction paper. ¬†We put Sabrina in my vintage red and white polka dot dress, black thigh highs (got them at Target), and peep toes, and took pics while she cut out hearts. ¬†I’m in LOVE!

March: You could do something more inkeeping with the holidays like a St. Patrick’s Day theme, but we wanted to get more “housewifey” stuff in there (because like myself Sabrina is a housewife) so we had her hanging laundry on a clothesline. ¬†She wore her mom’s old vintage skirt and my yellow thrift store cardigan with pearls of course. ¬†We also turned on a fan and pointed it at the clothes so they looked like they were blowing in the wind a bit.

April: Think rain! ¬†“April showers bring May flowers” right! ¬†You could also do an April Fools theme and have a little prankster thing going. ¬†We went the rain route because I happen to have an adorable polka dot umbrella and kahki trench coat. ¬†Melissa is an actress and it shows! ¬†She had the CUTEST facial expressions!

May: Think SPRING! ¬†We took Sabrina, stuck a vintage floral dress on her, put an oversized flower in her hair, and gave her a basket full of tulips. ¬†And look what loveliness happened… ¬† Also, I think flying a kite would look ADORABLE or chasing butterflies…there are so many ways you could work it.

June: Summer summer summer.  There are TONS of things you could do with this!  I knew I was using a bathing suit shot for August so I wanted to do something that had to do with travel.  I happened to have an old red suitcase that I had to buy at Goodwill in Idaho to haul home a bunch of baby clothes last time I went to visit my family.  It worked great for these next shots.

July: We went for a 4th of July “all american” theme. ¬†There are tons of things you could do with this theme, especially if you happen to have an American flag or an actual sparkler or something. ¬†I, sadly, did not, but we did good despite lacking those things.

August: This is where Vanessa donned my vintage inspired floral bathing suit and struck some real pin up poses for us.  She looks AMAZING I must say.

September: Its beginning to feel like fall!  And the kids are headed back to school!  YAY!  We went with a school teacher theme here and put Sabrina in a pencil skirt, belted cardigan, fishnets, and cat eye glasses (from the Dollar Store).  I love love love how cute these turned out!

October: We actually FORGOT October.  I know. LAME.  But heres some ideas for you:  Think pumpkin carving, halloween costumes, apple picking, or playing in leaves.  Those will all be adorable.

November: Think COOKING and Thanksgiving. ¬†We went for another housewife look with my apron and kitchen and cleaning stuff. ¬†(I’ll have to post more pics of these soon) but for now… ¬†(I love Vanessa’s face in this…this is exactly how I feel about dusting.)

December: CHRISTMAS of course. ¬†Think presents, decorating a tree, baking cookies, making gingerbread houses, mistletoe, or just put on a hot red dress and a santa hat and call it good! ¬†Sabrina looks DIVINE in this one don’t you think!

And there you go!  I have given you plenty of ideas and inspiration to go do your own!  No excuses now!  Go be cute and have fun.

P.S.  I did all the editing of these photos on Picnik.  Visit my old tutorials for some tips but I will also be getting new editing tutorials up soon!

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I have been getting a lot of questions about my pin up photos so I thought I’d do a few tutorials on those that I hope will answer some questions and get you feeling confident to go do your own. ¬†For this tutorial I am going to walk you through how to take an unedited pin up photo and turn it into a vintage style pin up poster using a photo editing site called Picnik. ¬†If you’d like more tutorials on how to take and edit pin up photos, check out my past posts under “photography and editing“. ¬†My most recent pin up photos in my “More Pin Up Inspiration” post were actually edited with my new PS Elements 8 software (thanks Courtney and Jared!), but I will show you how to edit to pretty close the same quality without buying photoshop or other editing software. ¬†How great is that! ¬†If ¬†you like editing photos and creating awesome effects on your images I suggest you¬†upgrade your Picnik account to “premium” and tons of fabulous extra features will be opened up for you. ¬†It is a good deal for all that it has to offer. ¬†I especially love the simplicity of Picnik. ¬†Even though I have photoshop now, I still use Picnik a lot because it is quick and easy. ¬†To do this tutorial you will need to upgrade to a premium Picnik account to have access to the “layering” feature.

Here we go.

1. ¬†Assuming you’ve already read my past pin up posts and taken some fabulous shots for yourself, open your saved photo in Picnik. ¬†Mine looks like this:

2. ¬†In your first screen (should be under the “Edit” tab) play with the “colors” button if you need to. ¬†I shot this under a kitchen light that made it a little warm so I am going to play with the saturation and temperature to try to get it a little cooler. ¬†Also, play with the “exposure” to blow out the white background a bit without loosing the detail in the subject. ¬†The “advanced” tab in “exposure” is great for fine tuning a bit.

3. ¬†There. ¬†Thats a bit better. ¬†Next go to the “Create” tab (you can first go to the “Touch Ups” tab if you want to whiten teeth and remove blemishes), and click on “Effects” to pull up the effects toolbar. ¬†Then you can play around a bit in there but I’m just going to go down to one of my favorites, “Ortonish” and open that up.

4. ¬†“Ortonish” adds sort of a dreamy/brightening effect. ¬†I don’t want it looking dreamy necessarily though so I’m going to play with this and slide the bloom down to 0% and the brightness to about 30%. ¬†Find what works for your photo.

5. ¬†Now its time to add your poster layer to the photo. ¬†First, you’ll need to find an old crumply paper texture to apply to your photo from either the web (there are tons of free ones out there, just google it), or you could just crumpled up and distress a piece of paper yourself and take a clear picture of it. ¬†If you upgrade to the “premium” setting on Picnik they also have textures on the toolbar you can apply. ¬†So run along now and find a texture layer you’d like to use…

6. ¬†Got it? ¬†Okay then, save it to your computer and then go to the little green tab at the bottom left hand side of your Picnik screen called “Photo Basket”. ¬†Click on it and then click on “Upload Photos” and upload your new texture photo. ¬†It will then appear in your little archives band at the bottom of the screen.

7.  Click on your new texture photo and drag it on top of your photo.  Resize it to cover the entire photo.

8. ¬†Then, using the “photo properties” box that should be popped up under “advanced blend modes” find “multiply”.

9. ¬†If you’d like you can find “Film Grain” on the effects toolbar and add some grain to vintage-i-fy your poster even more. ¬†I added light filmgrain at 40%. ¬†You can also find “Vignette” on the effects toolbar and add that if you’d like. ¬†I set the vignette size to 29 and the strength to 0%.

10. ¬†If you’d like to give it a “color washed” look you can find “Tint” on the effects toolbar and play with that a bit. ¬†I used a pink tint color set to “screen” under advanced modes and then faded it to 60%.

11. Then you can even wash it out further by going back to the top to the “Edit” tab and playing again with the exposure and contrast. ¬†I increased the exposure to 4 and decreased the contrast to -8.

And thats it! ¬†Pretty cool huh! ¬†You will become addicted to this kind of editing and soon you’ll find yourself hunting for textures everywhere! ¬†Hope it was helpful! ¬†Now go have some fun!

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Here are a few more pin up style pics I took of some friends while I was visiting Idaho in September.  To see a tutorial on how to take your own pin up pics go here.   To see more of my photography (pin up and other) go here.

Pin Up Picture

Vintage Pin Up Photo

Vintage umbrella pin up photo

Vintage Umbrella Pin Up Photo

Vintage Style pin up photo

Vintage Style Pin Up Photo

Umbrella pin up style photo

Pin Up Style Photo

Vintage Style Pin Up

Vintage Style Pin UP

Vintage Poster Style Pin Up

We Can Do It Pin Up Vintage Poster

I am planning on doing a tutorial on using layers to get this kind of vintage poster look in Picnik.

Vintage Pin Up Signed

Vintage Style Signed Pin Up

This is actually my GORGEOUS big sister. ¬†We did a whole book for her hubby’s Christmas present.

The ones below are actually of me when I was preggers with Sawyer.  I wanted some maternity photos this time around since last time I had the baby before I got big enough to take any.  My hubby took them with my direction.  He did a pretty good job too!

Maternity Vintage Pin Up Style Photo

Maternity Vintage Pin Up Photo

Maternity vintage pin up style photo

Maternity Vintage Pin Up Photo

Maternity Vintage Pin Up Style

Maternity Vintage Pin Up Style Photo

Now go read some of my pin up tutorials and do your own! ūüôā

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Since I’m trying to jump start this blog of mine (and since my hubby is out of town for the weekend) you can see I’m trying to post as many tutorials as I can this week. ¬†Once I fill up this blog a bit, I do plan on taking it down a notch to 3 posts per week on average. ¬†But for now, my hubby is gone, my son is napping, and I really want to finish up this pin-up segment I got going on so here is the rest of it.

This post will teach you how to turn your pin up pics (or any pics you’d like for that matter) into creative gift ideas and custom artwork.

First we’ll walk through how to create a custom “Ace of Hearts” pin up pic using www.picnik.com. ¬†You can either have this printed out and framed, or use the same technique to create an entire custom deck of pin up playing cards. ¬†Here goes:

  1. Check out the last post about editing your pin up pics and signing in to picnik.
  2. Using your previously edited pic, click on the “Create” tab at the top of the picnik page.
  3. Find “Posterize” under the “Create” tab.
  4. Use the slide bars to create the effect you’d like. ¬†For my playing card I set it to 7 for the “number of colors”, 62% “detail”, and 24% “fade”. ¬†I wanted to simplify my pic but still leave enough detail and strong red color to create an impact.
  5. Next find “Film Grain”. ¬†If you’d like a less vintage look, leave this step out. ¬†But I like it and think its fitting for the pinup ace of hearts. ¬†I set it to 76% “light” film grain.
  6. Now, go to the top of the screen and hit the “Text” tab.
  7. Write your letter (in this case an ‘A’) in the text box. ¬†Then find the font you’d like to use for your text. ¬†I used “Georgia” for my card.
  8. You can drag your letter to the top left hand corner and then change the color in the “Text Properties” box. ¬†I tried to match the red in my pic as much as I could.
  9. When you’ve moved the ‘A’ into place, right click and hit “duplicate type” in the gray box. ¬†This will save you the time of recreating the same letter in the same color and size for the bottom right hand corner.
  10. Drag your copied ‘A’ to the bottom right hand corner of your image.
  11. Next, in the “Text Properties” box hit the little vertical “flip” arrow to flip your ‘A’ upside-down.
  12. Reposition the ‘A’ in the corner.
  13. Now, the text is done so go back to the top of the page and click on the “Sticker” tab.
  14. Under the “Sticker” tab find “basic shapes”. ¬†Click on the red heart.
  15. Drag and size the heart to be a little smaller than the ‘A’ in the upper left hand corner. ¬†(Look at a deck of cards if it helps).
  16. Do the same thing with the heart as you did with the ‘A’, meaning duplicate it, drag it to the bottom right hand corner and flip it upside-down.

And there you have it! ¬†You’re pin up Ace of Hearts!

There are several things you can do with this project but here are some of my ideas:

  • Create a full playing deck for your lucky guy.
  • Blow it up and frame it for a game room or “man cave”.
  • Use it as a Valentine’s Day card front.

Well folks, if you thought that was fun , just wait! ¬†Now we’re going to take this same pic and turn it into Andy Warhol inspired artwork for your home! ¬†Heres how:

  1. Using your original edited pic from the last blog post, go to “Posterize” under the “Create” tab on www.picnik.com.
  2. This time slide the “number of colors” bar all the way down to 2 so that your image becomes very mod looking in black and white (or black and gray like mine did). ¬†In my image I took the “detail” all the way to 100% but you can play with what you think looks best for your image.
  3. Next, find “Duo-Tone” and pick out the two colors you’d like to use for your first pic. ¬†I stuck with black for my image and did a teal for the background of my first image. ¬†(I did a series of 3 with 3 different background colors).
  4. You’re going to want to save this image at this point.
  5. After you save the image, click “Continue Editing”, and undo the last step (the first color “duo-tone”) so that you’re back to your black and white image.
  6. Repeat step 3 and 4 choosing different background colors and saving your image in between the changes.
  7. At this point you can either choose to print your images out¬†separately¬†to frame or (as in my case) you can use the “Collage” feature on picnik to group the three prints together before you print them out.
  8. To use the “Collage” feature on Picnik return to the Home Page. ¬†At the top of the page you will see “Collage: Mix all your photos together.” Click on it.
  9. The collage page will open and give you options of different collage layouts to choose from.  I had 3 images I wanted to use so I chose the tri-side-by-side collage template.
  10. Next, go to the bottom of the page and click “Get From Computer”. ¬†A slew of options will pop up.
  11. Find the “History” option. ¬†This will pull up all the past images that you’ve edited and saved on Picnik. ¬†Your 3 Warhol-esque images should appear at the bottom of the screen.
  12. Now all you need to do is drag your images into place in the order you’d like them to go and hit “Done”.

Thats it!  Fabulous Warhol-esque pin up art to wow your friends and spice up your walls!  Heres how mine turned out:

You can use the “Collage” feature on Picnik to do as many color backgrounds in the series as you’d like. ¬†This is also a great technique to create any kind of Warhol-esque artwork for your home decorating. ¬†I recently used this same technique to create custom wall art for my son’s bedroom. ¬†I simply found an image of a¬†race-car¬†off google images and used Picknick to “posterize” it and change the background color. ¬†Then I simply printed off each image in a series of 3 different background colors and ModPodged each print to its own pre-painted canvas. ¬†*SIDE NOTE* I get most of my artists canvases from BigLots for less than $10 per canvas. ¬†The ones I used for my son’s room were $3 each. ¬†This is what his car art looks like on his walls:

So there you have it!  Get creative and see what you can do with this new info!!

Stay tuned for my next tutorial “How to Make a Vintage Inspired Feather Fascinator for CHEAP” !

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