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Have you heard of Pinterest?!  I had heard about it quite a while ago but just didn’t bother checking it out until my sis-in-law raved to me about one day on Facebook.  And so I decided to check it out…and I was instantly obsessed.  I have been using the same kind of “organizational method” for inspiration by just putting all my inspiring images I find online in categorized folders on my computer.  But Pinterest does me one better.  It lets me not only organize all my images online, it also lets me follow other peoples boards and see whats inspiring them.  I LOVE that.  I also LOVE that I can upload a little button to your browser that says “Pin It” so I can quickly and easily send images to any of my boards at any time while I’m browsing around online.  Anyway, ever since I got on Pinterest I’ve become obsessed with creating boards and stalking other people’s boards and have become so overly inspired I hardly know what to do with myself.  Honestly I think I might go into an inspiration coma if I don’t slow it down.

And I’m apparently not the only one.  While doing my weekly blog hop I came across one of my favs, Emily Henderson’s blog,  you know, from Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV and past winner of Design Star?  Yeah, shes AMAZING.  Anyway, I came across this post  that issues a challenge to all the Pinterest obsessed pinners out there.  The challenge is to create something from one of your pinboards that you’ve loved and have been procrastinating doing.  She even brought in Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Power Bower Blog in on the challenge.  Here is there little silly challenge video:

So I thought “Hey why not!” and have decided to accept their challenge!  I have about a hundred things on my Pinterest boards that I have been dying to try so this gives me the motivation to just DO IT!  And you should too!  If you don’t have a Pinterest account GET ONE.  Then follow my boards if you’d like at Cate Rawson @ See Cate Create and get pinning.  Find inspiration and take the challenge with me.  It could be some real good-ol’ glue-gunnin’ fun! 🙂

OK!  I’m off to pick a project!  See you soon! 🙂

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