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Welcome!!! I’m so excited to introduce my little blog to all of you scizzor slinging, paintbrush palming, thrifty and thriving diy’ers!  I hope you find the tutorials cheap, easy to follow, unique, and entertaining as I strive to share my little creative endeavors with the world of crafters.  Now, a few words about what prompted this blogging experiment:

I am (among other things) a little A.D.D. when it comes to my creativity.  I find myself jumping around in my hobby-ing from art, scrapbooking, jewelry making, fashion designing, interior decorating, and (lately) photography.  This little “quirk” of mine wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that due to the wide range of my artistic interests, I never seem to stick with one long enough to build it into something that I can make a living off of.  Not that I’m looking to be the next Martha Stewart, I think I’m a little too funky to follow in her tidy footsteps, I just would like to justify my time and money spending by making all my little hobbies “worth something” somehow.  I consider myself a jack of all trades trying to slowly master at least one.  To be quite honest, my hubby has been very patient with my weekly adventures while attempting to find my passion, and I’m not sure how much longer he will keep this up, what with me bringing home dilapidated craigslist finds to makeover one week and then filling the house with feathers for my cocktail hat making plans the next.  While pondering over this fact for some time now, I’ve concluded that in order to save my marriage while keeping my craft room fully stocked I need to try to find a way to put my crafting experiments to good use.  Such it is that I’ve decided to create this blogging tutorial in hopes that it will somehow pave a way for some kind of financial gain (at least to cover the cost of all my many dollar store binges), or in any way justify my schizophrenic interests (to myself and my handsome hubby).  I have decided that I am not cut out for just one passion in life like some people are.  Instead I will keep up with all my passions and post them here for you all to see!

So get ready folks…and hold onto those glue guns…

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